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Winter Collection 2021

An evangelical fashion brand that values ​​femininity and dresses the evangelical woman in an elegant and modern way!

In this way we could briefly describe the evangelical fashion brand Kauly! But the brand is much more than a simple description, so today’s post is dedicated to, with the intention of becoming a reference in the evangelical fashion market, with values ​​such as fear of God, responsibility, commitment, integrity, perseverance, respect and humility, it has managed to go far! Kauly has been gaining space, nowadays there are thousands of fans on social networks and successful partnerships with evangelical fashion bloggers like Paola Santana and Renata Castanheira, including our beautiful Miss Brazil Raíssa Santana was present at her launch event for the Esmeralda collection in Paraná, and the launch that took place in São Paulo was attended by gospel singer Vanilda Bordieri, how chic!

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Esmeralda Collection
The theme of this year’s Kauly collections is inspired by precious stones, the brilliance and sophistication of the stones represent the essence of the Kauly woman. The first collection was launched on January 7th and was inspired by the Sapphire stone. The brand’s second launch is inspired by Esmeralda.

Emerald is a variety of the beryl mineral, the most noble of them. It is appreciated as a gem and the price per carat places it among the most valuable stones in the world. It is transparent and opaque, but only the most precious varieties are transparent bonanza satrangi .

As we can see, Kauly was inspired by this very precious stone for her collection. The sophistication, richness and strength of the stone are represented in the pieces, with more delicate and romantic options and other powerful ones, with dramatic prints, such as the animal print that appears in several pieces, and abstract prints that bring an air of successful modern woman!

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As you might expect, there are creations in earthy tones, but the collection brings more vivid color options too, you can find colors like orange, purple, blue and red. Black and white are classic and could not be missing, gray and the more sober prints are also present composing elegant looks!

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