pret wear

what does that mean?

An actual fashion trainer, you are the benchmark for a vitamin-packed hippie chic look!

More than a project, a passion: Show a sparkling and trendy collection, and bring sun to all your clients’ wardrobes.
Metro, work, sleep… many people live this hectic pace of life. Getting together with friends, the time of an evening to talk about, laugh and at precisely the exact same time get a makeover becomes a easy way to combine business with fun. This is among the initial reasons that the meeting sales market is flourishing in France. Known historically, with the Tupperware brand, various types of merchandise are now sold via this way: makeup, cleaning products, household food chips, etc..
Become a believerkhaadi summer sale

The VDI can combine this activity with a salaried action, except public officials, attorneys and ministerial officer.

VDI is subject to income tax through the Non-Commercial Gains (BNC) category.
Fashion consultants, with VDI status, plan style workshops with hostesses and counsel customers and future clients to indicate ideas for looks suited to their shape, their style, their own hair, etc..
Become a entrepreneur via door-to-door sales?
The collection is available on the internet bonanza satrangi sale  and for sale at home. L’Atelier de Louise is THE ideal solution for creating shopping a nice, stress-free and stress-free activity!

Are you enticed by the profession of style consultant?

Have you proven yourself in team management? Are you lively and passionate about the world of style? We advise you to recruit and lead a team of Fashion Consultants.
Set up your company, manage your program, set up on your own… you have been tempted for a while but you don’t dare to get started? Becoming an entrepreneur is not necessarily a long quiet river, it is frightening for your family, it’s moving away from the security of the CDI for your freedom! So many reasons that can make you give up your wishes and desires for liberty!
As a worker, you benefit from Social Security rights and are affiliated to the strategy.
Zero risk to get started as an at-home trend consultant at L’atelier p Louise!
There is an alternative to measured risks: become VDI to get L’atelier p Louise!!!
The set is loaned for you: because you don’t necessarily have money put aside and don’t need to commit your household savings, L’atelier de Louise gives you the collection, in exchange for a test for bail. It is possible to begin your new activity without investmentYou get a discount on your favourite items!

Are you searching for work which fascinates a complementary activity in fashion? Become an L’Atelier p Louise advisor and attain attractive reimbursement based on your own personal investment.
You contribute to retirement in the same manner as employees, i.e. you have to reach a certain amount to validate per year.
Your commissions will be calculated according to the turnover achieved and are paid to you monthly.

A motivating challenge in the heart of human relations!

Mixing the team of fashion advisers, L’atelier p Louise means joining a business on an individual scale and encouraging vibrant, sparkling items with pep’s prints.
Welcome your friends, neighbors… and share with a moment of conviviality, a relaxing rest around a common passion: Fashion.
Fashion adviser The occupation is to market things nishat linen  to personal customers on behalf of a business enterprise. The VDI drills its transaction through door to door or door-to-door sales.

Currently seeking jobs, you may continue to receive your allowances.

A multidisciplinary team at your side: phone consultants, accounting, human resources, marketing, communicating… The groups are readily available to help you on a daily basis.
More details on the VDI profession for L’atelier p Louise:
We lend you the selection and supply you with the revenue tools to work together with confidence. You present the articles and help your clients choose their models, giving them personalized advice!
The next reason that this means of sale is experiencing a noticeable increase is the human! During a meeting, the customer benefits from advice, services… that are slowly lost via other distribution methods.
VDI: a growing profession!