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High connectivity at a Tier III Data Center

If you intend to migrate your infrastructure into a Data Center, then you have to observe several prerequisites from the supplier. And connectivity is among the chief ones. The question is: how to make sure your infrastructure is going to have the best relationship? Before choosing to employ, you have to assess what he provides.
ODATA’s infrastructure is an investment in the incorporation of new tools and technology. The business prioritizes the constant improvement of their infrastructure and services supplied.
So much so the novelty is that the coming of new operators in Data Center SP01, situated in Greater São Paulo. Wanna learn more about? Continue reading the report!

Cheap Colocation Uk
With features like high energy and operational efficiency, the SP01 has installments handled by integrated systems and many layers of automation which guarantee that the end customer a comprehensive view and safety to their IT environment.
Additionally, other crucial features for a data center like safety, scalability and availability 24 x 7 x 365 will also be features of ODATA.
But doesn’t end there. Currently, SP01 additionally has more potent connectivity.
In SP01 the principal telecom operators are found, standing out as the very connected infrastructure in the area. It’s two MMR ( match me space ) with dual fiber strategy (Based on EIA / TIA 942 standard). ODATA provides its clients access to the very best operators in the nation.
In other words, its centers permit the interconnection of networks involving net content and providers distribution networks. This combination guarantees a safe, quick, comfy connection and with important financial savings for clients.
The Data Center SP01 also supplies internet bandwidth using redundant uplinks, we use 4 different online output upstreams, promising the maximum efficacy and accessibility of services, higher ability and BGP ( Border Gateway Protocol ). The latter is the strongest Routing Protocol for IP networks, because it makes it feasible to join multiple Autonomous Systems, known as AS (Autonomous Systems), enabling dynamic routing online.
Together with the building of the next Data Center at the State of São Paulo, SP02, it’s worth mentioning that ODATA is going to have the ability to serve jobs that need interconnection between Data Centers. In a marketplace which imitates business goodwill, our infrastructure is about to satisfy the many varied requirements for jobs involving Disaster Recovery.

If you would like the most up-to-date in a data centre, the most natural alternative would be to migrate your infrastructure to ODATA. Following worldwide business standards, the company provides clients high performance and reliability in a highly efficient, secure, scalable and environmentally friendly sustainable operation.
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SP01 is the first Cheap Colocation Uk data centre in Brazil to possess the LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. Additionally, it’s Tier III layout & Core certificate in the Uptime Institute. It gives complete infrastructure to ensure that the availability 24 x 7 x 365 of your small business.
Redundant fiber sensory inputs;

Multiple energy resources;
Personal substation;
Maximum physical and logical protection.
Another huge distinction is ODATA’s customer care service. ODATA’s data centre is 100% handled by its team of technicians and engineers that are always prepared to answer any telephone 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
The advanced construction and exclusive service offered by technical professionals using a proactive mindset guarantee speed and efficiency in the setup and maintenance of IT environments.
Listed below are some other great reasons to select ODATA:

Strict security criteria;

Deployment rate;
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