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The way to select your web hosting?

Once again now, I come back to the choice of hosting. Yes, because today, if you’re blogging, if you’re a small company or a larger company, you need to get a site.
Really, a fantastic site that will generate leads (see earnings if you’re an e-merchant), is the key to the business of an entrepreneur.
Now, who says the website, says hosting so you could manage it. But which host to contact?
Today we will see the definition of a server, what sorts of cheap email hosting exist, how to choose your host and we’ll take the concrete example of a French host.

The web host has servers that allow Internet users to access the sites they host for their customers.
These servers can be compared to large computers permanently connected with a rather high-speed link where software is installed.
Performance of the host

As clarified in the following video from which this image is accepted, we could compare the host to a restaurant that takes an order, fetch it in the kitchen, and brings it to the customer.

Hence the importance:
The location of their host’s servers,
Procuring the information included in the servers,
The Development of applications technologies and download bandwidths
And finally an efficient technical service.

There are many web hosting options that you ought to be aware of when picking your host to ensure this hosting is adapted to your requirements.

Shared web hosting

As its name implies, it is shared among all customers who’ll subscribe to it. Space (the memory) and the resources (the processor) that are available that there are shared between all the Internet sites which are subscribed to it and also can slow down their speed or reduce the capacity of everyone.
If you’re new to your website or have a small business or just a site, then shared best email hosting for small business UK will suffice. It is obviously the most affordable, there are even free ones…
VPS web hosting: Virtual Private Server
It’s a better shared hosting because we provide you a storage space of your own. So once you own it, no one encroaches in your space, you know your limitations…
This hosting is more extensive and the resources to which you’ve subscribed are committed to you.

Dedicated web hosting

This time you have a server just for you, you handle your distance as you would like and no one arrives at your flower beds. These hosts have enormous data centers that allow them to present dedicated spaces to a lot of customers.
For a while now, the top of a number of these dedicated servers is to maintain a cloud, therefore without any limitation of space devoted to every client. Of course, the prices are higher depending on their choice…
3 / How to choose your web host?
Basic hosting providers
When you have identified the type of hosting you require, you’ll have to choose your host so that it is dependable and has the tools you expect from its own servers.
There are a Large Number of hosting providers on the Internet and you should know that all of them basically have the same things in their offer, therefore these are not the points that will be crucial in picking:

Anti-DDoS Security
Size of available disc space

SSD technology for databases and files
Daily backup of files and databases

Support for technology such as Node.js, Ruby, Litespeed or MariaDB

The specifics that make the difference in a web hosting offer

That said, you will find on the other hand some very important points to think about – which not all need in all – to be sure to make the right choice:
The tools that will be allocated to you: the main being RAM and implementation time.
The scalability of this email hosting provided because the methods are continuously evolving and you need to be certain that your host stinks at this point.
The efficacy of customer support which must be easy to contact 7 days per week and above all reliable to supply you with information. For this, see the client testimonials printed on Google, Facebook…
Eventually, have a good look at the forums, social websites, and remarks on the server to find out whether he’s frequent breakdowns, the most annoying, and punishing thing there is!
4 / The French Case of a shared web host: O2Switch

I shall provide you the instance of O2switch first of all because the organization is French but also atypical in this competitive area of shared hosting. Let’s see why.
A single internet hosting offer at 5 / month
It’s a unique supply: No need to choose between cost, memory, power, number of websites… At this price, you’ll have in addition to your unlimited hosting, a domain name, and excellent functionality that could suit everyone. You can learn more by studying all the benefits highlighted on this website.
A private lodging space with committed resources

It’s thus a system closer to VPS or even committed hosting.
The benefit of a 100% French web host

This French firm located in the middle of France, in Clermont Ferrand, has installed every one of its servers in France. The individual infrastructures have innovative technology and are handled by technicians on site.
Excellent technical assistance
Praised with a high number of positive opinions from customers on social networks and the web, the teams serving clients through Chat are fast and efficient.

The servers have been managed by the French company itself, and so the data is stored and protected from France which is important especially with the recent coming of the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).