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Sweater, scarf, hat, socks, our tips for keeping warm

Being warm and stylish in winter is possible! All you need is the right accessories: a warm sweater, a big scarf, a pretty hat and soft socks. So dressed, easy to face the cold while remaining elegant.

Warm and chic sweaters

For cocooning enthusiasts, nothing better than the big sweater . Barely put on, you have the impression of being wrapped up warm in a plaid. There are all kinds of them: coarse , small, patterned, tweed, wool. This winter, we choose a colorful model for a little more originality. If you prefer shapes closer to the body, we use very warm khaadi sale materials such as cashmere and angora . We don’t hesitate to add a little fantasy with pastel or bright colors . We also let ourselves be tempted by original cuts , such as large necklines in the backor puffed sleeves. We are warm while remaining elegant and at the forefront of fashion trends .

Pretty hats to keep warm in winter

In winter it is essential to have your head well covered. What better ally than the beanie? But by any. This year again, it is in wool and topped with a pompom. To stay trendy, forget about dull colors. The beanie will be colored or will not be!designer dresses pakistani

Warm and soft scarves for the winter

As for the scarf, we choose a very large and very soft one. We wind up in it to better face the cold . In wool, chunky knits and pastel, the winning combo to be trendy this winter . If we prefer thinner scarves, we will have to turn to a very warm material such as cashmere and angora. We opt for a plaid pattern , very fashionable at the moment.

Warm socks to protect the feet

And above all, we don’t forget the feet! Warm, thick socks are put on to protect them from low temperatures. To feel good in your boots, choose wool socks that provide good support for the foot. We can make them protrude a little on the top of his boots. With sneakers, we favor thinner models. The must: cashmere and angora socks . But we can also go with more fun patterned models: flamingo, teddy bear, palm tree… The compliments will soon rain when your socks appear under your rolled up jeans.

All you have to do is choose!

Bohemian beach outfit | fashion ideas and advice

No question of neglecting your look to go to the beach! We sometimes tend to forget it, but the seaside is also synonymous with style and fashion . So ladies, there’s no reason to let go when it comes to bathing in the sea or lounging on the sand. β˜€οΈ

Holidays are important, and these are the times when you can put on a great look . First, because you have the time to make yourself frock design beautiful , then because the summer season is the best time of the year to shine! Don’t wait any longer and find your bohemian beach outfit thanks to our professional advice! 🐚

Bohemian beach outfit

The long dress for a 100% bohemian style

Are you tired of your tight clothes that stick to your skin and make you sweat? So much the better, we have a first dream solution for you: a beautiful long vaporous dress for maximum comfort and a guaranteed bohemian chic effect ! πŸ’ƒπŸ»

We could give priority to long white dresses , but other shades also work wonderfully, as long as they are not too flashy (we forget the carmine red and the chick yellow). The ideal is a long floral dress , or with ethnic patterns.

Both chic and sexy, your long dress can have a pretty plunging neckline . It will be great for parties or a stroll by the sea before going to a restaurant. 🍴

Very pleasant to wear, the long wrap dress is the ally of your bohemian allure : slit on the side (so glamorous!), It highlights your figure and gives you total freedom of movement.

Long dresses for bohemian beach wear

Think about it! To achieve a successful bohemian beach outfit , choose your long dress with sleeves. A fluid and light fabric will be very pleasant on your skin, and above all, your dress will naturally protect you from the aggressive rays of the sun. To go further, and get a super sexy effect, opt for a long, slightly transparent dress and put your swimsuit underneath (maximum boho style).

Fashion ideas for your bohemian chic beach outfit : we love to combine her long dress with a short denim jacket for those chilly summer evenings. πŸŒ…

Vintage t-shirt and denim shorts for a 70’s look

For those who would be less attracted to dresses, we have the solution! A pretty printed T-shirt super comfortable to tie at the waist. It ensures you a relaxed and hyper trendy boho look ! At the beach, you wear it, either over your swimsuit πŸ‘™ or with worn denim shorts that are threadbare at the top of the thighs. Timeless and ideas gul ahmed essential for the half-bohemian, half-rock beach look , the tied T-shirt is best worn during the day. In the evening, you will choose a dressier outfit.

bohemian beach outfit tee shirt

What color to choose for your vintage t-shirt? White is ideal and helps bring out your beautiful tanned skin. Choose sunny patterns to get in the summer vibe. πŸ™

The must-have of a trendy beach outfit : wear a fedora in Indiana Jones fashion to bring the touch of adventure to your bohemian side by going to explore the wild coves. πŸ‘’

fedora hat

πŸ’‘ LoΓ«la tip: the scarf is your ally even during the summer! Tied on the wrist, in your handbag or in your hair, it completes your bohemian look by adding a touch of elegance. Printed models, with fringe or pompoms, indulge yourself!

The short bohemian dress to tan your legs

Make room for good humor with a pretty short bohemian dress and put out your beautiful legs! It’s summer, enjoy it! In the winter clothes closet, we fall for novelty and freshness. πŸ‘—

Whether for a summer evening by the sea or lazing around by the pool, a trendy little short dress will always be welcome in your wardrobe. You take it everywhere and easily slip it in your suitcase 🧳. The fluid dress is practical and essential .

beach wear short bohemian dresses

For a successful bohemian style , you will choose your very airy short dress, why not in lace , with embroidery or small printed patterns . Give a sexy bohemian effect and opt for a loose short dress model to wear leaving one shoulder off.

What shoes to wear with your bohemian beach outfit? Several possibilities are available to you for every moment of the day!

of flat sandals (for the day at the beach)

little glittery sneakers (for walking on the coastal paths or near the rocks)

a pair of gladiator sandals (for evenings at a restaurant or concerts)

bohemian beach wear shoes


The XXL shirt for a relaxed bohemian look

It’s your masculine side that asserts itself here with a loose shirt in XXL fashion . We like it white so as not to be too hot and because it brings out your tanned complexion . You can either leave it open on a top with straps or tie it around the waist . It is also gorgeous directly above your swimsuit, closed only with a few buttons. This XXL shirt gives you a casual yet sophisticated bohemian look .

advice: Have you thought about your handbag ? πŸ‘œ

The best way to combine the bohemian effect and the super practical side is to afford a large woven straw tote bag with large handles. It is canon and allows you to take all your beach gear thanks to its depth.

coastal path by the sea

Natural, comfortable, light, the bohemian beach outfit is the ally of your vacation. It goes everywhere, it seduces, it makes you beautiful and carefree. AntageThe advantage, in every situation, her beachwear for women : stroll by the sea, lazing on the sand, getaway in the coves, walk on the port. Your trendy summer outfit will make you shine in all situations! 🌟