FFXIV world status

Editors’ Choice: FFXIV Shadowbringers Takes the MMO to New Heights


I began playing five decades ago and was immediately hooked by Square Enix’s innovative strategy to controller-based MMO combat, Masayoshi Soken’s intoxicating soundtrack, the fact that I was able to level up each class and job to the same character, and also the far-reaching — yet surprisingly friendly and welcoming — community.
But you have probably already heard the narrative of this game’s metamorphosis into one of the most respected MMOs on the market, so that I will not get into that here. What I will get into is the reason ffxiv data centres newest expansion, Shadowbringers, catapults this fourteenth mainline entry to the upper echelons of Final Fantasy history. Put plainly: Shadowbringers is one of the best Final Fantasy games .

The narrative of Shadowbringers sees your hero teleported to some other measurement (a Shard, at the game’s parlance) called the First. It seems their version of the Warriors of Light did maybe too great a job ridding the forces of darkness, and their planet was all but consumed by a torrent of unceasing, fatal light.
This assumption sets some intriguing narrative bets: while you’ve built a reputation as a god-slaying, regime-toppling hero back home, this brand new dimension’s taxpayers have never heard of you. This really is a refreshing change of pace from the borderline deistic reverence with which NPCs usually treat you, and it allows the story play out in a more private level. Rather than just nodding together as the story happens around you, your personality’s personal desires and motives finally are involved.

FFXIV world status
Final Fantasy XIV: ShadowbringersFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

A few shots I snapped with ffxiv data center split robust photo mode

Your longtime comrades — the Scions of this Seventh Dawn — have been summoned into the very first, also, plus they have their own struggles to conquer. One seeks to discover the sordid secrets of a too-good-to-be-true utopian city. Another finds himself at odds with all the opposing notions of living up to the responsibilities of fatherhood and ensuring his the girl he’s sworn to protect is equipped to satisfy her destiny.
The narrative of Shadowbringers plays out over around 50 or 60 hours, and is punctuated by appearances from some of the very”Final Fantasy”-ish villains that the show has seen since the silver-haired Sephiroth graced our CRTs. One in particular — no spoilers — is written so efficiently that it’s difficult not to feel a feeling of empathy for them from the time things comes to a mind… I still feel a tinge of regret that we couldn’t have ended our time together on more pragmatic terms. Sigh.

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Though the narrative is what impressed me about Shadowbringers, the core systems in play continue to give a good foundation that can encourage the dozens (hundreds (thousands?) ?) Of hours you’ll spend experiencing these tales. A number of the playable jobs have been changed, which range from small tweaks to full-on overhauls, and they’ve been received well by the FFXIV neighborhood (especially after the current 5.05 patch, which addressed some balance issues involving the 3 available Healer tasks ). The new Dancer and Gunbreaker jobs are highlights, providing the game’s most support-based job yet and a surprisingly active tank job, respectively. I main Black Mage and I’m over the moon with my flat 80 rotation — it isn’t a huge departure from the degree 70 kit, but it’s been smoothed out and optimized in enough ways that it feels substantially more powerful. Explosions everywhere!

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Raid

A legendary Guardian Force from Final Fantasy VIII creates an impressive return in ffxiv world status latest raid.
Two weeks after Shadowbringers started, the new”Eden’s Gate” raid was unleashed upon players who had completed the expansion’s most important story pursuit. I will not get into the narrative details of this raid here, however there’s one particularly breathtaking sequence in its very first fight that I wrote about here, if you do not mind being spoiled on it. The loot method for this raid has been corrected, also: long story short, drops are more plentiful so it’s far easier to get your hands on the particular piece of equipment you are chasing. There’s also a new 24-player raid on the way, which relies on the area of NieR and NieR Automata, and is being developed in cooperation with Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito. It’s gonna be weird.

The radically different setting with this expansion gave Soken an opportunity to branch out and take the game’s soundtrack in some intriguing new directions, masterfully invoking myriad genres that match their respective areas and experiences like a glove (or, more appropriately, a very comfortable pair of headphones). He also continues to finely harness the emotional power of leitmotif, intending to jerk a tear out of all but the driest eyes.
Semi-related note: Square Enix recently made a ton of their soundtracks on streaming services, such as Spotify. The OST for Shadowbringers is not available yet, but you can listen to hundreds of earlier FFXIV tracks there right now.
It’s been a part of my life for almost 30 years, introducing me to the concept of role-playing games for the first time. Never did I imagine that the narrative of almost any MMO would endure toe-to-toe with those of FF’s 16/32-bit golden age. But Naoki Yoshida and team aren’t content to build only the best MMO on the market. As far as I’m concerned, Shadowbringers is the new final word in fantasy.