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8 ways to celebrate friendships in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online


You may have noticed a few old faces back in the world of Hydaelyn. There’s a reason for that – the ffxiv world status Online Callback Campaign has begun!

Here’s how it works: if you invite someone who’s been offline for a while back into the game, you’ll both have access to amazing rewards, including special items. More importantly, you can reconnect with some old friends you might not have gamed with for a while.

You can get all the information about how to take part here:

The ffxiv data center split Online Callback Campaign
So hopefully you’re seeing some much-missed mates back once again… but what should you do together? Obviously, you’ll be able to take on quests, level up jobs, and tackle raids and trials. Also, if either of you haven’t played Shadowbringers yet.. oh boy, are you in for a treat!

But beyond all the duties and the hero-ing, there are all kinds of ways to have fun with a friend in the game. For example, you could…

Ffxiv world status


Start a band

Imagine becoming Hydaelyn’s next music superstars – a Miqo’te Jagger or Lalafell Rey if you will.

It’s possible – you and your friends must be level 30 bards (spoonyness is not compulsory) and have completed the quest to unlock performance actions in Old Gridania first. Then you’ll be able to work together to create magical melodies that will draw a crowd and warm the hearts of all around you.

Or you could bash notes at random and make a load of horrible noise. I mean, it’s not your fault if those old fogies don’t get your art, right?

Race to the top of Kugane Tower

Climbing Kugane Tower is a challenge at the best of times, but you know how to make it even more intense? Turn it into a race.

For those who haven’t braved the journey, ascending Kugane Tower requires you to complete a surprisingly tricky series of jumps – you’ll need concentration and a mastery of character control to reach the top.

Now try doing it while a friend tries their best to get ahead of you – with less time to consider each move, you’ll make mistakes, miss jumps and chaos will inevitably ensure. Also laughter, shouting and possibly a bit of naughty language (tut tut).

Just remember – if you get ahead of your pal, make sure you give them a smug little wave before you forge ahead.

Become card sharks

The life of an adventurer is a busy one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from all that strenuous questing. And what better way to relax than to kick back with a game of Triple Triad at the Manderville Gold Saucer?

If you’re in a friendly mood, you and your friends can challenge each other to a few hands of this endlessly compelling card game. There are no major stakes, though you can earn some MGP (the Gold Saucer’s special currency) in the process. More importantly, it’s a fun way to spend time with a pal.

But perhaps you both take your cards more seriously. In that case, a tournament may be your scene. Look out for one taking place at the Gold Saucer, and you could win big.


If you’re reuniting with an old friend, why not mark the occasion with a new you?

Summon the aesthetician, and you’ll be able to change up your style. Why not get some new tattoos, add a Squall Leonhart-esque scar or make that head of hair even more glorious?

Your friends can feedback on your appearance, suggest changes… true BFFs could even get matching looks. Twinsies!

Sure, you’ll have to pay, but what price can you put on friendship and beauty? Y’know, other than the 2,000 gil fee.

Take the best screenshots ever

When you call old friends back to ffxiv data centres Online – or when you’re called back – you have a perfect opportunity to make some wonderful new memories. You should capture such a moment with a lovely group shot.

You might think it would be tricky to get everyone to perform an emote at just the right moment, but don’t worry about that. Use the /gpose command in chat (you can bind it if that’s easier) and everyone in your party will face the camera and perform their most recently used emote.

Cue some glorious snaps you will look at with delight for years to come. Unless your chums sabotage it with ridiculous poses, of course – but they wouldn’t do that… would they?

Throw a house party

If you have a house, then you should invite your friends over to check it out. This is your chance to show off your innate interior design acumen. Deck your house out with decorations, food, drink and other party paraphernalia, put on some music (or bring in your band), and get ready party the night away.

But perhaps you prefer something a bit more sedate? Well, you could turn your humble Hydaelyn home into an inn, a restaurant… the only limit is your imagination!

Play hide and seek

Looking for something a bit different to do with friends? You could create your very own game of hide and seek. Simply choose an area (don’t make it too big), pick one of your party to act as seeker, and get the rest to hide. Then, the seeker must search the area and find then… look, it’s hide and seek. You know how it works.

But here is a pro tip: Shadowbringers’ Rak’tika Greatwood is a great area for these type of shenanigans. So long as you don’t mind having the words ‘La-Hee’ stuck in your head for the next few days that is – the music’s kinda catchy…

And here’s pro tip #2 – make sure you turn off player names before playing. You want to make sure there’s some challenge.

8. Beat them up

You’ve hidden, raced, played some tunes, and even maybe had a party. You might have even done some actual questing. But what next? Why, beat each other up of course! But in a friendly way obviously.

If you head over to the Wolves’ Den, you and a friend can face off in a 1v1 duel – a way to find out which of you is the toughest once and for all.

Or, if you’ve invited a few friends, you could split into teams for a custom battle against each other – a true test of strategy and communication.

When the dust has cleared, one team will have earned victory… and the right to gloat about it for at least an hour.

As you can see there’s loads of stuff you could do when you invite old friends back to FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. One of the great things about the game is that there’s always something new to see and do, plus plenty of ways to find your own fun in the game.