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Discover the Kauly Safira Collection: beautiful evangelical clothes


It seems like a joke, but soon autumn will be there, and with the colder seasons approaching, it is natural that the autumn / winter collections will also start to appear! Today we want to tell you something new, we are very happy to work with this brand that is the face of the current evangelical woman , Kauly Moda Evangélica !

The Kauly is a brand that exudes femininity, bringing finesse, sophistication and unparalleled quality in their collections, and it is with great honor that we present you every amazing detail of this brand!

Do not forget! Now you can find the fall / winter 2017 collection of Kauly Moda Evangélica here Via Evangélica ! Did you like the news? Then share it with your friends on social media!

1. Kauly, Meet the Brand!

The Kauly came in 2002 with the intention of becoming a reference in the market evangelical fashion , and this desire has been realized, as are 15 years of history, recognition and best of all, 15 years of customers happy and satisfied with the quality, good taste and beauty of the pieces produced by the brand!

The Kauly is based on his work principles such as transparency, love, serenity and respect. It works with a qualified, efficient and committed team to meet the desires of women who wish to dress with sophistication and decency.

The brand always seeks to innovate and its collections always bring a lot of femininity and modernity, being always up to date with what is happening in the national and international fashion khaadi sale scene!

moda evangelica kauly moda blog via evangelica

2. Sapphire Fall / Winter 2017 Collection

The theme of this year’s Kauly collections is inspired by precious stones, the brilliance and sophistication of the stones represent the essence of the Kauly woman.

Sapphire was the stone chosen for the first collection of 2017, with its translucent blue tone this stone comes full of meanings, such as, graceful, feminine and resistant! The Safira collection is full of fashion information, lace, ruffles, subtle transparencies and one of the most used shades by fashionistas today, the quartz pink ! The pieces are pleasing to all styles with options for the romantic ones, who will love the delicate pieces, with ruffles, florals and lace even the most classic ones that value excellence, perfect cuts and sophistication!frock design

The Safira collection was launched on January 7th, with a commemorative cocktail that took place in the three physical stores of Kauly , the event was attended by dear customers and was attended by evangelical fashion bloggers Paola Santana from Paola ‘s blog and Renata Castanheira do Chic Believer blog ! For food and drinks, which can not miss, a buffet was hired that organized a delicious cofee-break for customers!

dress kauly blogger paola santa

In the brand’s e-commerce, the launch took place on January 3rd, and as a treat, the customers who made their purchases on the launch day brought a personalized Kauly candle holder as a gift .

3. Launch of the Safira collection
As expected, the launch of the Safira collection was a success, and customers and fans were able to take pictures with the bloggers while attending the event!

The Kauly is one of the leading brands in the evangelical segment in Brazil, synonymous with elegance, femininity and sophistication. Kauly pieces are made with the highest rigor present in fashion, bringing to the evangelical woman prints and cuts that illustrate her elegant and extremely good taste lifestyle!

launch of the kauly fashion collection evangelica via frock design
And you can find the beautiful pieces of the Safira collection here on Via Evangélica, check out the special selection we made for you HERE ! We are so in love that it is difficult to choose our favorite look from the collection, but we want to know from you, which look did you like the most? Comment below!