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Types of Mooring and How to Use

There are extremely simple styling tricks, but they have the power to transform the whole look! Today we will talk about the moorings that are a fashion trend and leave the look with a certain Japanese touch.

If in the past a jacket tied around the waist was a sign of slouch, today it is seen as stylish! And this type of mooring can still act as a belt, as it marks and defines the waist. It is great to use with oversized modeling, making the silhouette more feminine.

Types of Mooring and How to Use

You can upgrade the look using only moorings, by the way, these tricks are perfect for that day when we are in the mood to just wear jeans and a T-shirt, a simple knot in the blouse can make the look all the more interesting and stylish!khaadi

shirts with moorings in the neck blog via evangelica

Shirt with the ends tied:
This trick is great and also defines the waist, it is a great option to use with skirts and pants, so there is no danger of having your belly out when raising your arms use a second skin underneath khaadi pret sale.

This type of mooring goes very well with dresses, it is a good option for composing looks with strapless or low-cut dresses, which we usually cannot use.

shirt with tie at the waist blog via evangelica

Jacket tied at the waist:
As I mentioned, this trick is great for replacing the belt for defining the waist, it is very welcome in the fall, which is the season where at one time or another we will need a third piece.

My tip is that women with wide hips avoid wearing and tying at the waist, as the volume generated by the piece visually increases the width.

blouse dress with tie at the waist blog via evangelica

Node in the blouse:
For comfy and casual looks, this tie is perfect, just tie a knot in the hem of the blouse and that’s it! For a more tidy look, just replace your casual jeans with a skirt and a short-heeled boot, if it’s cold a good leather jacket will complete the look, without losing the harmony and the street style touch sana safinaz sale!

In addition to the moorings that can be made with the pieces that you already have at home, you can also find pieces in stores that are coming with this trend, as is the case with skirts with ties, trousers and even the lace collar shirt, which is a more sophisticated version of the trend.