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Finding the perfect Jeans can be an almost impossible mission.

best jeans brands for women

Sometimes, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. There are people who search all their lives but never find: the perfect dream jeans ! The choice depends on taste, shape and price; there are numerous brands and different models to consider. To help you find your perfect jeans, we have chosen the 15 best jeans brands according to your preferences:

We have selected the 15 best jeans brands your money can buyPHOTO:

If you like something more basic but with a lot of quality, you can buy jeans from Levi’s , Colcci , M. Officer or Forum . The four brands have been on the market for several decades and their products represent a classic and timeless quality. But they also don’t fall behind Fashion trends, and if you want to take a little risk, you will find jeans with more current cuts.

If you like to dare and always have a more trendy piece in your wardrobe, look for brands like Diesel , Calvin Klein or Cantão . See the models that most call your attention, because besides being trendy the jeans of these brands have also become popular with Brazilian celebrities
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Differentiated washing, ornaments and extravagant details:

these are words used to describe brands like 7 For All Mankind , Citizens of Humanity and the Brazilian brand Amaro . The jeans of these brands are very successful for their exotic and innovative style. Ideal for those who like to dare and have fun bonanza satrangi with fashion.
The Environmentalist
For vegans or people concerned about the environment and Fair Trade there are also great options for quality Jeans. Brands like Stella McCartney and the Dutch G-Star Raw Research offer clothes made from organic cotton and free from chemicals. The ecological jeans are only different in name, because the quality and the models are like the jeans of any other brand.
Stella McCartney Skinny Jeans with Logo – White

Proving that you don’t have to go into bankruptcy to buy beautiful, quality clothes, are brands like Malwee , Morena Rosa and Biotipo . These brands offer various cuts and models, from high waist to Skinny Jeans. They are here to sapphire online show that fashion can also be affordable.
What kind of suit looks best on my body?
Okay, choosing a suit is not as simple as it looks. So we decided to clarify in this article the big question: How should a suit fit ?

The cut of a suit must follow the model of the person’s body.

Therefore, to help men choose such an important piece, we separate the models that best suit certain body types.
In fact, this is a rather complicated issue. It is not so easy to determine the ideal size. Each brand has its own size and style, so it can vary a lot.
It is important that you know your size to find your suit more easily, so take a tape measure and start measuring (it is easier if someone else helps you):
Height: stand against the wall and measure from head to toe.
Chest: The tape will measure the strongest nishat linen online part of your rib cage.
Waist: Measure your circumference at the level of your navel.
Leg: Measure the inside – from the sole of the foot to your groin.
Do you have any measures? Now you have all the information you need to choose the ideal suit.

Please don’t try to squeeze yourself into a very small suit.

If the clothes are with little tension in the belly, sometimes it helps you to move and the fabric will give a little, but this only works with small variations.
In general, make sure that the jacket looks good in the stomach area and if you need a jacket more than the pants, look for a suit that can be fitted instead of a set that cannot be combined.
Avoid prints and flashy colors, give preference to soft colors. The neckline of the suit needs to be relatively deep and a jacket made to measure can give that disguised in the beer belly.
Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli Classic 2-Piece Suit – Blue-30%

Bagnoli Sartoria Napoli


All body shapes that differ slightly from clothing shapes have their own pitfalls. For tall and thin men, from a height of 185 centimeters, the best suit is usually the “slim fit”. You will probably still need to adjust the hem and sleeve length, but these adjustments are easy to make. The important thing is that the suit fits well on the shoulders.
A jacket with little neckline is a good option for those who want to gain a little more volume visually.