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How to dress well for the end of the year holidays, with style?

how to dress for the holiday season

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Festivities in sight, Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching. You wonder how to dress well for the holiday season . So which style to adopt? It’s time to dare outfits that you wouldn’t normally wear , while keeping your style and respecting your body type . Sequins, heavy makeup, dizzying heels… Be careful not to go overboard.

The gifts are under the tree, the menu validated, the guest list ready, all you have to do is find your ideal outfit . But which style to choose for these festivities? Do you absolutely have to wear sparkle? Can you wear anything other than a dress? Rather sobia nazir black or color? Which bag and which shoes to match with your outfit? Rest assured, get inspired by unstoppable tips and stock up on look ideas to be well dressed and have style.

how to dress for the holiday season

Why choose your outfit for the holiday season?

The end of year celebrations are approaching. Now is the time to choose the outfits you will wear on Christmas Day and for New Years Eve: the opportunity to bring out these essentials that enhance your assets . But be careful, to be well dressed, there are some basic rules .

You should feel comfortable in clothes that you like , with an outfit suitable for the event. Opt for clothes that will allow you to spend long moments at the nishatlinen table or dance the night away! To avoid errors of taste, it is important to determine which cuts, lengths and colors suit your body type . To identify the most flattering clothes for your body lines.

Because this is the opportunity to dress well, because you want to look good in family photos or simply to show those around you that this moment of sharing is important to you, here are our tips to help you to dress well for the holiday season.sapphire

What outfit for the end of year celebrations?

The main room
Dress, skirt, pants or jumpsuit… You will choose according to your tastes. But keep in mind that an adequate personal style starts with clothes adapted to your body type , so as not to make mistakes.

The dress
Which dresses to favor and which ones to avoid depending on your body type?

Morphology in A
You have hips that are wider than your shoulders. To enhance yourself, the gaze should be directed upwards in order to rebalance your figure.

Prefer : fitted dresses that widen downwards, such as the empire dress or the A-line dress, with an open collar to slightly widen the top of your figure. Thin straps or a satrangi bustier model allow you to highlight the shoulders. If you go for a two-tone dress, the darker color should be on the bottom of the dress.

how to dress for the holiday season

V-shaped morphology
You have a fairly sporty figure, with a larger volume on the upper body (shoulders wider than the hips). To enhance your look, you can feminize your figure with an appropriate outfit.

Choose : dresses that highlight your legs and rebalance your figure, such as the skater dress with its flared bottom or the peplum dress that slims the waist and accentuates the hips. Or a slit dress to reveal your legs. Sleeves slightly dropped on the nishat shoulders allow them to be refined. If you opt for a two-tone dress, the darker color should be on the top of the dress.

Avoid : strapless dresses or dresses with shoulder pads.

how to dress for the holiday season
stefanie-renoma.comYou have a uniform and well-proportioned silhouette, your hips are the same width as your shoulders. Your size is not marked. To enhance yourself, you can reduce the somewhat square aspect of your figure.

Choose : dresses that highlight an aspect of your body, such as a strapless dress with a pretty neckline to bring attention to your chest. Or an empire dress to enhance your shoulders. Wearing a straight dress completed with a slightly fitted blazer will give the illusion of a slim waist.

how to dress for the holiday season

You have a very slim and even figure, your hips are the same width as your shoulders. Your size is not marked. To enhance yourself, you can feminize your look with your clothes.

To prefer : backless or low-cut dresses. A textured trapeze dress or wrap dress. A straight, non-tight dress. These models will give volume to your silhouette or shape your fine forms.
You have a round figure, with voluptuous curves at the sapphire onlineshoulders, chest, stomach and hips. To highlight your shapes, you can highlight your strengths while blurring your curves.

Prefer : flowing dresses like the empire dress or the wrap dress, choosing a dark and solid color to slim your figure. A boat or V neckline enhances your generous curves, while dresses that stop at the knee lengthen your silhouette.

Avoid : short dresses and pleated dresses.

how to dress for the holiday season
You have a proportioned figure with a marked waist. You’re in luck, you can wear anything! To enhance your feminine silhouette, you can highlight your waist.

Prefer : dresses that accentuate the waist, such as the fitted bodycon dress or the wrap dress. Or a long dress accessorized with a belt to mark your waist. Fluid materials are for you, they hug the curves and highlight the silhouette.

how to dress for the holiday season

If you want to know all the clothes that suit you according to your body type, go to the article ‘Types of silhouettes: get to know yourself to dress well’ .

What about your tights?

That’s it, you have your dress for the holidays. But what style of tights to choose ? Black to avoid any lack of taste or fantasy for more originality?

The classics : black tights have the advantage of going with any dress. Choose tights that reveal lightly the skin for those who will wear an outfit that is sufficient on their own, and satin for luminous legs.
Colorful : they brighten up an outfit. Opt for the elegance of navy blue, burgundy or charcoal gray tights. These are basic colors to enhance a sober outfit.
Glamours : a simple and elegant little dress can be enhanced by a pair of satin, lace tights or even with a thin line at the back of the leg; this in order to bring a touch of softness and femininity to the outfit.
how to dress for the holiday season

Alternatives to the dress

If you definitely can’t stand dresses, if you’re complexed by your legs or lover of originality, good news, there are other outfits to put on your 31st for the holidays. Here are 3 alternatives .

The skirt
Short, straight, high waist or flared, the skirt accentuates femininity :

the short skirt makes it possible to highlight thin and slender legs;
the straight skirt has the advantage of not marking the thighs and hips too much;
the high waist skirt refines the silhouette, especially the legs;
the flared skirt , whether fluid or puffed, conceals small flaws under its volume.
how to dress for the holiday season
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Who said you have to choose a party outfit that shows your legs? To break up the masculine side of the pants, you can match it with pumps accompanied by some accessories, such as a pretty clutch and jewelry.

You can opt for gold or silver pants to assemble with more sober pieces, such as a black body and a suit jacket. Or choose elegant 7/8 trousers with their tailored cigarette cut, matched with a black top for even more chic.