rang rasiya

It is undoubtedly the new evening dress , very comfortable and devilishly elegant.

Black with lace details, bustier or long-sleeved top, just add a pair of heels, a colorful clutch and you’re done. On top of that, jackets and other bombers match perfectly.

how to dress for the holiday season

The color of the outfit
In order to get a pretty silhouette, it is essential to choose the color of your outfit . The black , timeless and attractive, is a must for holidays, such as the  satrangi golden or silver . But the colors are also part of it. To put on a colorful outfit without risking a lack of taste, you can opt for the classic nude, taupe, beige, or gray . These discreet colors match easily.

Do you have a porcelain complexion?

Bet on dark and bright colors. Are you blonde? Show off a glamorous look in sparkling pink. Are you brunette? Dare to red.

The rule to remember : no more than three shades per outfit, without forgetting that light colors densify the shapes while dark colors sculpt the silhouette.satrangi

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how to dress for the holiday season

The shoes
In order to complete your outfit, but also not to spoil your evening with a sore foot, you should pay attention to the choice of shoes. For the holidays, 4 models are available to you. Here are some tips for choosing them well.

Pumps symbolize femininity, they refine the silhouette and enhance the foot .

But be careful to choose the height of the heel. If you plan to dance the night away, definitely choose small heels (less than 5 cm) or wide heels which offer good stability. Conversely, if you think you don’t spend too much time on your feet or are used to wearing heels, allow yourself a more ambitious height of 8cm and more, but consider wearing them before to loosen them up.

The derbies

If you are not a fan of heels, opt for these flats with a masculine-feminine style . You can wear them with feminine pieces like a skater skirt and a fancy top. Or with a low-cut dress and a blazer.

The babies

Mary Janes are low or heeled shoes, closed and low-cut , with a strap on the ankle . If you are tall and want to give yourself less height, baby plates are ideal. The strap also “cuts” the leg / foot continuity, making the leg appear shorter.

If you prefer closed shoes, opt for ankle boots. Flat or with charizma online small heels, they guarantee comfort and style . Low boots (ankle height or below the ankle) are very comfortable to wear in cold weather.

The bag
The bag is the accessory that completes an outfit. To obtain an elegant look in the evening, minimalism is required to sublimate your clothes and not to overshadow them. Here are 3 models suitable for the holidays.

The mini handbag

In leather, patent, gold or silver … Thanks to its handle, it will not encumber you, even for dancing. To wear it well, the handle must be on the shoulder and not crossed in front, and the handbag must arrive right on the hips.

The little bag
It is the accessory that dresses and elegantly enhances your outfit. If you’ve chosen to wear black, go for gold, silver, rhinestones or sequins for a festive contrast.

The clutch
Smaller and more rigid than a clutch, the clutch is a stylish and elegant evening accessory. With a handle or a chain, it brings a classy touch to your outfit and is generally available in flashy materials and colors (leather, gold, stone inlay, etc.).

how to dress for the holiday season

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How to dress well for the end of the year holidays: 10 ideas of associations
What style for the holidays?

Classic, modern, girly, glamorous or sexy ? You will find inspiration through these ideas of associations according to the style you want to adopt.


For a classic style
Opt for a timeless little black dress, with or without sequins . Treat yourself to burgundy, satin or lace printed tights if you have slender legs. Otherwise, prefer opaque black tights (minimum 40 denier) which will thrill you. You can accompany this outfit with pumps and a golden clutch.

You can also choose black tailored pants assembled with a sleeveless satin blouse, high heels and a small silver handbag.

how to dress for the holiday season

For a modern style
You can wear a short-sleeved jumpsuit with lace details, a silver bomber jacket, pumps and a printed clutch.

Or a flared , fluid and colorful skirt . You can pair it with a more understated top, ankle boots and a sequined clutch.

how to dress for the holiday season

For a girly style
For a girly style, you can opt for a long petrol blue skater rang rasiya skirt , a clear low-cut blouse and derby shoes, accessorized with a small black handbag.

You can also choose to wear a burgundy tulle skirt with a black long sleeve top and high heels, accompanied by a silver clutch.

For a glamorous style

Opt for a sheer back lace dress , low boots and a colorful clutch.

Or a black jumpsuit with a V-neck and thin crossed straps at the back. You can pair it with metallic high heeled sandals, as well as a burgundy nishat linen online clutch.Wear a short black leather skirt and pair it with a flowy blouse. For this look, choose black tights and opt for pretty pumps and a sequined clutch.

Dare the masculine-feminine look .

Choose a nude top and pair it with dark 7/8 pants and a pair of high heeled pumps, with a structured and well-cut black blazer, as well as a small handbag.

how to dress for the holiday season
You are now ready to answer the question ‘ how to dress well for the holiday season ‘!

If there is one time of the year when you can dare to think outside the box when it comes to style, it is the holidays. Christmas, New Year’s Day, khaadi online various holidays with family or friends, there is no shortage of opportunities to dress well.

But what’s the point of wearing the dress of your dreams and your favorite pair of pumps if they don’t suit your body type? In addition to your personal taste and style, the shape of an outfit, the color of the outfit and the combinations of clothes are mariab things to consider in order to shine in your outfit for the holiday season. So take action now if you haven’t chosen your outfit yet and let us know in the comments what look you will choose for the holidays ?