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The puffy white blouse
Are you a particular lover of country fashion and need to embrace it yourself? Or are you invited to a country wedding and don’t know how to dress? The following guide is made for you!
Preferably choose a blouse at a neutral and mild color, particularly if it has embroidery or lace.
To be in keeping with the wedding motif, it’s out of the question to wear flashy or dark. Of course, we will avoid white, booked for the celebrity of this day. In case you’ve got a solid outfit, elect for small touches of Liberty prints on your own belt, or even onto the braid of the hat, for example. Also make sure you bring a little wicker bag or delicately floral fabric based on your laundry.
Country wedding gown
Country style
Sandals are your allies. Think natural jute or noodle soles and straps which extend up to the ankles. Suede ankle boots are also popular in the fall.

⚠ Remember to match different colours, prints and shapes of your wedding gown together with the other bridesmaids, as well as the entire procession.
With its fluidity and floral patterns, it also has its little country effect. This 2 in 1 garment, which highlights the waist, is excellent for posh events.
Short floral country dress nishatlinen


Your outfit is crucial. If you do not have a dress code signaled, opt for a chic and chic nation outfit in pastel tones. An empire apparel or a liquid and flared jumpsuit will appear great.
In harmony with nature, the country style is particularly pleasant to wear sunny days. Near the bohemian spirit, this look is a mixture of simplicity and refinement.
The long hippie bohemian floral apparel will sublimate your figure with its own empire trimmed and plunging neckline. It is an outfit you can use to work with a sobia nazir dress coat or on a summer picnic in the countryside.
Deliciously amorous, the nation style is gaining more and more followers, whether in the world of weddings, fashion shows or in magazines. The return to nature, at a chic and relaxed version is more than a fashion.


The extended skirt
Pick loose clothing which don’t tighten the human body and light fabrics such as cotton, hemp, linen or muslin. Tulle, lace and lace lace can also be a part of the country dress code. Show your shoulders, part of your stomach, your back or opt for an asymmetrical cut, which will include sensuality to a country outfit.
The colour palette is made up mainly of natural colors. We love white and all the pastel and powdery tones which are at the peak of romanticism. Water green, light blue, light pink, straw yellow, beige, ecru are good color choices.
You are now ready to take the huge nishatlinen step and add some rustic pieces to your wardrobe. Whether for a season, for a particular event or to get everyday life, you will not have any trouble taming this bucolic style, both natural and refined. And who knows, possibly for you, trying is embracing!
Other than the essential flower crown, you can sublimate your hairstyle with little vegetal notes. Additionally, the hair will be somewhat wavy and supple. Consider the ears of corn, or decide on a large braided straw sun hat.
If you would like to diversify your country apparel, be aware that bohemian or classic prints such as Paisley or polka dots adhere perfectly to this kind of theme. Preferably select modest prints than large ones. For instance, we will reserve the large floral designs for the hippie chic appearance.
What could be more romantic than a natural and satrangi authentic universe to celebrate the most amazing day of your life?


To get a country seem, nothing can be easier…
rustic floral blouse
The Modest flowing dress
The floral jumpsuit
As for clothing accessories, make a silk shawl to cover your own shoulders in church. Do not be hesitant to add little flowery touches to your outfit here and there by embracing a Liberty ribbon to indicate the dimensions, for instance.
Also play textures with gathers, ruffles, lace and embroidery which will bring refinement and volume to your own country wedding outfit.
The country-style for women is very easy to develop, provided that they remain in the hippie chic. Think of dresses or retro jumpsuits in cotton, silk or viscose, which indicate the waist.
Inspired by nature, the country look is a real invitation to poetry. Fluid materials that dancing with the wind, soft and luminous tones with a predominance of white, romantic hairstyles, floral accessories and patterns, such is your nishat description of the country style.
Are you a bridesmaid for the celebration of a country wedding?
The puffy white bohemian blouse will highlight your shoulders, as well as your upper body. Its embroidery and ruffles will attract refinement to your outfit. Wear yours with a very long printed shorts or skirt.
Matched with a cropped top, the long skirt is in the country style. Here again, you have the choice… with nation patterns or a solid colour, it is your decision.

Man country dress for wedding

Finally, accessories are a stage on which we’ll pay a good deal of attention.
Insert some gems using a pure finish to emphasize the entire world. Finally, don’t forget your fabric or wicker bag.
The nation marriage is on the rise for several years.
Your man may also wear a light one-piece suit or just a jacket based on the type of wedding. Consider the always very tasteful floral buttonhole.
We favor powder pink, lilac, light yellowish or sky blue. The golden rule is to favor soft and natural colors. The floral or polka dot patterns are particularly common. Be careful, however, not to overdo it.
Nation wedding guest outfitPhoto credit: Kami Olavarria
This motif is characterized with a very tasteful chic and rustic decoration. White tablecloths, blossoms of area flowers, plant decorations, wooden decoration, accessories in burlap, lace or macrame are part of the decor. Natural substances and soft colours are used. In general, the nation wedding takes place at a gorgeous garden or even a green park.
On the other hand, beige, navy blue or gray are good color choices for a rustic and romantic outfit, however, your man may also attempt soft pink, water green or straw yellow. Guaranteed effect!
As a wedding guest, your companion may wear a linen or cotton shirt with cotton wool chinos. It may be worn with a plain-colored shirt embellished with a Liberty tie or bow tie, or in spite of a patterned version. Suspenders are the quintessential country accessory, to choose from in natural colors.
The little nation dress is a must have. Whether long or short, opt for a flared cut rather than bring lightness. Pick it white or using floral designs to get a guaranteed bucolic effect.
The long hippie bohemian skirt and also its own bohemian patterns go beautifully with an embroidered or ruffled top. Airy, it delivers a swaying gait into the wearer.