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Why do you need an SSL certificate for your e-Commerce?

As we have already explained to you, an SSL is the security protocol that provides a secure connection to websites or online store. Thanks to SSL, any data that users enter (personal data, banking, etc.) will be sent encrypted, therefore web certificates guarantee the security of our site.

Why protect your e-Commerce with an SSL certificate?

One of the first factors is that having a web certificate will improve your SEO positioning. A basic element to achieve successful sales. On the other hand, an online store collects user data, very important information that if it falls into the wrong hands, could lead to serious problems for sellers and users.

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Increasing customer confidence is key to improving sales

When an online store does not demonstrate security, it is very rare that users decide to make purchases. However, if your site has adequate security, it is very likely that the user will become a buyer.

An SSL certificate is responsible for encrypting the information that your users give you, in order to keep them safe. But not only the data of your users, also yours as an online store service, all the data collected by your site (transactions, visits, records, personal data, etc.) are kept safe under the protection of the web certificate.

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So if you are going to have a website with an online store, it is very important that you protect it with a web certificate, discover what we offer you here At The Email Shop we have a wide range of SSL Certificates and other web security services that will guarantee that your website and online store guarantee the security of the information.

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At The Email Shop we have different options to provide you with the Web Security you need. One of them is cWatch , a system that provides protection to your applications, systems and networks with solutions that are very easy to implement. In addition, it does not require a large initial investment. We tell you what you need to know to implement this system on your website. One of its main benefits is that it reduces the complex and full-time security incident investigation process, in addition to helping you reduce costs of internal security personnel.

How does cWatch work ?

Comodo cWatch is a site that provides Security Services together with a firewall connected to a CDN (Secure Content Delivery Network), so that it can detect and remove malware and other types of harmful applications from your site. cWatch is certified by the CSOC (Cyber ​​Security Operation Center). It works with a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) that connects with more than 85 million points to scan and intercept any threat before they cause any type of damage.

So with cWatch you have a Firewall activated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which not only detects and prevents the entry of malware and other types of malicious applications, but also helps you eliminate threats. This type of security allows businesses to take a more proactive approach in protecting their sites and databases in the cloud.

What does The Email Shop offer with cWatch?

If you purchase this system with The Email Shop, you have access to the following services:

  • Comprehensive threat research and analysis
  • Threat assessment reports to identify risks
  • Reverse malware and suspicious application engineering
  • PCI compliance and vulnerability scans
  • Comprehensive threat research and analysis
  • Threat assessment reports to identify risks for best email hosting for small business uk
  • Reverse malware and suspicious application engineering

PCI compliance and vulnerability scans

In this way, you can maintain the ongoing integrity of the network and your server through cloud-based cyber detection, as well as the detection of violations. On the other hand, this service offers comprehensive supervision of all aspects of the network, users and devices.

Quantum computing Overview

Some mistakenly think that quantum computing technology applied to computing is not yet relevant. Although there is still much to improve regarding the practical use of quantum computers, which, among other challenges, require temperatures of absolute zero (-273.15 8 ° C), there are already cloud platforms such as Microsoft, AWS, Google and IBM that offer their customers a quantum processing service.

A silicon processor works by using 1 or 0, known as bits; quantum computing is based on qubits and allows four states: 00, 01, 10, 11. This makes it exponentially superior to a silicon computer. To date, only 5-20 qubit computers are known, since it is extremely difficult to make the rows of ions, from which the states are measured, behave in an orderly way.

The turning point of when quantum computing becomes a real threat to our communications will be when it reaches powers of 50-100 qubits. Some estimate that this point will come in less than a decade.

When we consider that the most common encryption techniques that protect our SSL / TLS browsing on the Internet are betting on the difficulty of calculating prime numbers of large numbers, the potential of quantum processing is alarming.

The Email Shop and its DigiCert ally, the world’s largest Certification Authority and a market leader in SSL / TLS certificates , are already working on post-quantum encryption. For those looking for risk-free protection, the choice is The Email Shop and DigiCert.

DigiCert is constantly working on new encryption technologies, being a participant in the initiative of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, for its acronym in English), which seeks a new algorithm that is proof of post-quantum processing.

One of the advantages of DigiCert certificates is that during the life of the certificate, the encryption algorithms used can be modified without having to revoke or reinstall the digital certificates. This protects our clients to face the new post-quantum reality.