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Looks to work: 5 pieces to keep warm during the summer

According to expert, there are some key pieces to be used in the summer and that can match the different styles and workplaces

Although not all work environments require a dress code, it is not all parts of your wardrobe that are considered suitable for an office. This task of getting the looks right for work becomes an even more difficult challenge in the summer, when more classic pieces, such as pantsuits and dress pants, do not match the high temperatures.The looks to work in the summer need to be suitable for an office environment, but also be fresh

So how to build looks to work with this hot temperature?

There are some pieces that are essential for the summer, since they do not let you pass heat and can be used in any type of look, including a little more formal environments.

To Delas , fashion entrepreneur Cláudia Araújo, from the Fate Mulher store in Goiânia, suggests that warm days combine with more loose clothes, as they bring a feeling of freshness. In addition, the ideal is to look in your closet for pieces that you already have and that are made with light fabrics, such as cotton, silk and linen, and wild cards that you can adapt to any climate.mariab

“It is important to remember that the choices of the pieces will depend a lot on the style of each woman and, also if there is a ‘dress code’ suggested for your work bonanza satrangi environment, especially for those who wear social clothes, for example”, he adds.

As the intention is to inspire you when choosing the look of the day to work, the professional recommends five pieces that are versatile to use in the corporate environment to the point of maintaining elegance without suffering from the summer heat ; check it out below:

The fabrics of skirts and dresses make these pieces essential for hot days and combine with looks to work
The dresses had already been considered the pieces of the spring / summer season and took on more stripped forms, which go far beyond the elegant longs that call attention at weddings and other formal events. Like skirts, the lightweight fabric that makes up this type of garment is a preference during this season.

For a day of work, the most recommended is to choose skirts and khaadi online dresses up to the knee or midi, that is, those that go to the middle of the shin and are quite high. Another option is to bet on the long ones, combining the piece like sandals, sneakers, heels and even a sneaker , if it is a situation that requires less formality in the look.

According to the businesswoman, the dresses and skirts add a lot of elegance to the look.

“Both bring comfort and freshness”, he adds.

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Sleeveless blouses, like tank tops, are great alternatives for putting together looks to work, since they are loose and light
A great option to stay super cool is to bet on the regattas in one of the looks to work on. In addition to being very versatile pieces, which go well with skirts, pants and shorts, it is possible to choose blouses from various fabrics. For the summer, what is on the rise are those fabrics that have a more rustic and natural footprint.

When it comes to colors, the bright tones, like orange, yellow and purple, are attracting attention.

“It is a great opportunity to bet on colorful races. The neon tones , for example, are up this season, “states Claudia.

It is worth remembering that neon was already a strong trend outside of Brazil, and clothing items in vibrant shades were very high in the summer in the rang rasiya United States and Europe. However, they were quick to get here and invaded all locations, including the job market.