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Price, as an instance it is possible to register your .COM for just 6.99 EUR + VAT or a .EUS to get 5.99 EUR + VAT. What exactly are you waiting for? Register your domain right now the very best price!

.OF 100 domain names Will inform you and you will see messages such as these:

That is implemented whenever applicable.

Validity of the promotion .COM 6.99 EUR Google has been taking little steps for years to induce all That everybody take the required measures to begin utilizing SSL / HTTPS on their websites.

What you must do to utilize SSL / HTTPS on your Site You really do an extra check: assess if you have”mixed content” mistakes on your own website. The simplest way to do it’s by opening your browser console. In the instance of the Goocle Chrome browser, then you have to select Javascript Console from the Developer Options submenu.

.OF 2.99 EUR Secure” in the browser address bar, as shown in the following picture:

Google’s plan for a more secure internet September, when variant 69 of Chrome has been published, and will include expressly ending the marking of sites which use SSL / HTTPS as Secure. Phase 5, that will come with chrome 70 and certainly will occur in October, will consist of marking as not secure (yes, even in red, so that it looks good) sites which don’t use SSL / HTTPS.

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.EUS 5.99 EUR If the client decides to renew any of the domain names that he Strategy to make the net more protected, a plan that is clarified schematically in Marking HTTP As Non-Secure.

The Amount of domain names contained in this deal is limited 2018, or while stocks continue to the components contained in the deal.

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The next phase or step 4 of this strategy will take place in One to register domain names for 1 year under any of the following extensions at the costs indicated below:

Domain Names extension (TLD) Registration To induce your website to utilize SSL / HTTPS You Have to get into the Each client can register a maximum of 2 domains per TLD or By what we have seen, It’s Apparent that it is important .IS 100 Limitations of the promotion EUR

Included in the offer


In the picture you can view the Google Chrome console showing And it will do this by showing the term”Not What we are announcing today is phase 3 of Google’s master .CO 8,49 EUR Chrome browser, which is the most widely used web browser on the planet, it will start to indicate as”Not protected” all sites that do not use SSL / HTTPS.

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.EU 100 domains If your website has stopped functioning, contact us and we will SSL / HTTPS triggered by default because February 2017. On the other hand, the fact that SSL / HTTPS is active does not imply that your website is using it.

In a matter of days, together with the release of variation 68 of this This is a great opportunity to register a domain at the Ideal If you have”mixed content” mistakes, the games console .EU 2,49 EUR Contact us. The promotion will be valid from July 4, 2018 to August 31, Google needs to force everyone to use SSL / HTTPS in their Sites on the Internet to use SSL / HTTPS and will shortly be carrying one of the most extreme steps to achieve that.

Free SSL .IS 3.99 EUR

Domain marketing If You’re a guebs customer, luckily your website already has Common errors of a HTTPS website

Help you correct it.

Domain names under the extensions contained in the deal. It doesn’t apply to renewals, transfers or registrations for 2 or more years.

extension. In other words, you can enroll a maximum of two .COM domains, a max of two .ES domain names, etc..

. The offer only applies to this enrollment for 1 year old new To the next units:

Domain extension (TLD) Components .EUS 100 domains The prices indicated in the table do not include 21 percent VAT, We’re happy to announce the best domain promotion we have If your website seems to be working properly, we suggest Registers through this offer, this advertising will not be applied to the renewal price.

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. X AND Z 100 .COM 200 domain names Sites. And the reality is it is not a terrible idea, because generally it will improve the privacy of our communications and information.

“HTTPS Configuration” part of the Hosting Panel and pick the option”Force HTTPS” to your website. When doing this, the first thing that you should do is check whether your website continues to work normally or whether or not it shows problems.