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Start creating your website .

Steps to follow to succeed with your blog

How to live from my blog

It is one thing to blog and another to be successful with it. Here I am going to explain not only how to create a blog , but also how to maintain it and not forget about it, how to always make it grow and how to organize yourself to achieve all your goals.

In this guide I have ordered my main articles , so that you can take all the necessary steps to create your blog and lay a good foundation from the beginning.

There are people who sell this information for thousands of euros in online courses (I never sold any course, although here my friend says otherwise) , here you have everything for free !

What will you find here?

1 Set goals and objectives

2 Create your blog

3 Write Articles

4 Define the categories and labels well

4.1 Difference between categories and tags

5 Keep your readers coming back

6 Make money with your blog

7 You can buy courses online, but it’s all free on the internet

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Set goals and objectives

This is essential so that when you sit in front of your computer you know where to start. Start by organizing your work .

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In my case, one thing that helps me a lot and that today is the pillar of my online businesses, is the excel of Google Drive , completely free and which you can access from any device.

Create an excel file and create a work plan . For example, in case what you want to do is a cooking blog and you want to have it working 100% in 3 days , this plan could be:

Once you have the things you have to do each day in view , it will be easier for you to complete tasks to cross them off your list and thus feel fully accomplished when you finish your day.

Create your blog

Now that you have your plan, start creating your website .

You will have to buy a hosting and domain (no more than € 80 per year) and set up your blog in WordPress , which is undoubtedly the best platform that exists today to create a website without having any idea of ​​programming and that it remains professional looking.

Guide to build your blog step by step with WordPress

 Write articles

Once you have your blog set up and before you start to shape the template you have chosen , I recommend writing at least 10 articles .

If you don’t know how to write , assume it and learn, buy the blond booklets and read, read a lot .

What and how do I write on my blog to get visits?

If you definitely don’t like to write , you can still keep blogging, you can commission others to write for you .

Define categories and labels well

When you already have a few articles, it will be easier for you to organize your content and thus create categories and with it the menu of your home page.

Never put an article in two categories or more , you have to simplify and order that aspect as much as possible, if not, your blog will start to be a mess from the beginning and Google does not like that.

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Difference between categories and tags

The categories and labels are two tools to organize your content that can create confusion and it is important to understand that’s what.

You can put more than one tag to each article, but you should not put the same article in several categories.

I explain it to you with an example.

Continuing with the example of a cooking blog, the categories and also sections of your blog could be:

Recipes : articles where you explain how to cook your dishes. Each article in this category could have several labels, and that in this type of articles could be: gluten-free, desserts, chocolate, lemon …

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Foods of the world : articles where you simply talk about foods that you like from other parts of the world, not counting how they are made (that would already go into recipes). For example: The best of Indian food . And in that same article you could put labels like: India , rankings …

Cooking tools : here you could put all the articles related to products that you like and see necessary for cooking and thus be able to link it to stores with affiliate programs , such as Amazon and thus earn money with each sale. An example of an article here could be: The best cheap kitchen machines . And to this article you could put labels like: kitchen robots , rankings …

I hope these examples have made it clearer for you what categories and tags are. Once you have your categories and tags created, you can put them in your menu and in the sections that have the cover of your blog.

Keep your readers coming back

Another thing you have to do from the beginning is to use all the tools that you have available to retain your readers and keep them coming back .

For them create a profile on every social network , make a list of newsletter and install push notifications on your blog.

All that I explain in the following article:

Increase visits to your blog, retain your users at all costs!

Make money with your blog

And now there is only the juiciest thing left, make money with your blog . And it’s okay to think about it, but first get them to know you, get visitors , focus on that.

Don’t act commercial by selling a project that isn’t even working yet. That can be frustrating and people who have businesses, no matter how good your idea is, don’t have time for experiments that can also cost them money.

If you think that there is an advertiser that is ideal for your blog and that you would make money yes or yes, advertise it for free first and if it works you can charge, if not him, one of your competition.