AAWP Tutorial

Here I am going to explain you step by step how to create a sales box for an Amazon product like the one I have given you as an example, thanks to the AAWP plugin .

Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

The first thing is to sign up for Amazon Affiliates . Anyone who has a blog can join it, it is not necessary to have a minimum number of visits.

Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

 Buy the AAWP plugin

This plugin I am talking about is paid, although it is cheap for what it offers , it has support in case you have any questions and a 30-day free trial , in case you don’t like it or finally you don’t see it useful, they will refund your money, questions .

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If you buy it through my link they give me a commission and it will cost you the same as if you buy it directly or without accepting my cookies, so it is a good way to thank me if you think I have helped you with something.

AAWP Official Page

Download and install the AAWP plugin

Once you buy this plugin you can download and upload it through your WordPress administration panel , going to the side menu and selecting Plugins / Add New / Upload Plugin .

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Activate licenses

Now you will have to activate it. To do this, first activate the plugin and then you will see that Amazon Affiliates appears in the side menu of your WordPress administration panel .

Go to the settings and in the License section, you can enter the activation key that you will find in your AAWP administration panel .

Now it’s time to generate the APIs. This is very simple, just go to your Amazon affiliate panel and go to Tools / Product Advertising API.

There you will already have the option to Add Credentials , click there and an API Key and an API Secret will be generated for you .

These two codes have to be put in the settings of your AAWP plugin in the Amazon API section .

Create a box with an Amazon product

Now you only have to select the display options for the sales boxes you want to place.

To do this, see the Output section in the AAWP plugin settings. There you can customize the display options and functions of the checkout boxes that you are going to show.

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Once this is configured, you only have to insert the shortcode that they provide you, where you want the articles that you recommend to appear.

To display Amazon items you need to know its ASIN code, which is normally specified in the product details .

You can also find it in the address bar after the product name and the letters dp.

With that code you could put the shortcode where you would like to place the Amazon sales drawer with the product you want to sell:

And this is how you can make money with the Amazon affiliate program , if you have any questions, leave a comment!

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