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By the very start, our mission is to employ the most recent technologies in web hosting. Additionally, we’ve always wished to keep
goods simple so that as many people as possible can benefit from these. We have divided our offers into three categories: Premium
professional shared hosting plan: World PlatformReseller strategy: Multi-World PlatformDedicated Server: hybrid cloud the
following guide, we’ll present the evolution of the old freelancer offer to the Multi-World platform.1- Little Overview of the old
freelancer offerIn years past there were 3 reseller offers. The main difference was from the disk space:All these were supplied
with a WHM access ( See Demo WHM ) allowing the creation of cPanel accounts. Be aware that we urge one cPanel accounts per website
to ensure excellent information isolation. By way of example, a customer having an infiltration due to a WordPress plugin won’t
influence the rest of your customer base.

email hostingThat is an important consideration when dealing with your customers’ online reputation.
AVOID: Getting multiple distinct websites on the same shared hosting.From the 50 GB reseller program, a WHMCS license was included
in order to set up an automatic activation and billing system. This software allowed the purchase of best email hosting for small business uk, but also the
sale of the domain names.Some disadvantages of this freelancer offerCustomer accounts were on precisely the exact same
infrastructure. In the event of a technical difficulty (rare at PlanetHoster), all of your customers would be impacted.The deal
doesn’t make it possible to make the most of a variety of IP addresses allowing better referencing on internet search engines.
Sending mails was Limited to a PlanetHoster confirmed IPFor the nostalgic, here is your old offer in the movie:Reseller provides
have enabled countless resellers to provide exceptional performance to their clients for several years. As you know, technology is
changing rapidly. Now is the opportunity to make way for your new Multi-World platform.Two – Who’s the Multi-World Platform for?
The Multi-World offer was made for web agencies, SEO agencies, and owners of many low / medium traffic sites. These are primarily
the same clients as the freelancer plan offer.Watch a demo of the Planet platform: the
vast majority of the offers, it is always possible to make the most of a cPanel control panel. Once access to the World panel is
set up, simply press the cPanel icon (top right of the screen). The newest World panel lets us offer you services and technologies
exclusive to PlanetHoster.3- The advantages of this Multi-World offer We previously talked about the importance of isolating each
website to maximize security.This performance is by default from the Multi-World offerThis feature allows maximum security for
each of your clientsPlanetHoster Security Each account will be generated on an independent infrastructureThis feature gives more
redundancy and performance for your customers. In case of technical difficulty (uncommon at PlanetHoster), a few of your clients
will be affected. At any time, it is possible to monitor performance via the PlanetHoster monitoring systemRedundancy and
performance PlanetHoster Choice of place: France or Canada when generating an account Each customer account has a different IP
address to Make the Most of Your SEOSeparate Ip PlanetHoster Contrary to the old offers, accounts will no more have a disk space
limitation. Note that email hosting solutions are designed for performance rather than for massive storagePlanetHoster infinite disk
space All of the benefits of the World platform: Unlimited free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, support for 4 programming
languages ​​(PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js)CMS – Let’s Encrypt – PHP – Ruby – Python – NodeJS – Unlimited bandwidth No external
software required. All government is easily done via the secure PlanetHoster customer areaclient-space-planethoster-en8- Every
account created is scalable (CPU, RAM, and I / O disk write rate ). This provides great flexibility to your customers.
hosting-web-augementer-les-ressources4- How to start the sale of accommodation?We left a Facebook reside to describe Using the
brand new freelancer stage and what would be the characteristics of it (don’t forget to activate the noise ):It is always our
pleasure to support our clients in the growth of technologies. Consequently, if you are a PlanetHoster client, it’s possible to
have a free month for the Multi-World support. It will be possible to check the solution yourself.To Learn More, submit a ticket
request to our pre-sales service6- Can the environment of the old reseller program be reproduced on a HybridCloud dedicated
server?Certainly yes. The hybrid cloud offer was made to be customizable based on the demands of every client.You ought to know
that PlanetHoster dedicated servers have administrator (root) access to the WHM panel permitting the introduction of a cPanel
account.For customers wanting:Maximum performanceEndless variety of cPanel accountsInfinite storage option for their customers
(Interesting feature for WHM packages )Customizable cPanel motifPossibility to utilize WHMCSUnlimited Let’s Encrypt SSLDedicated
firewallInfinitely expandable CPU, RAM, and toolsSetup of additional customizable featuresFor those who have an active reseller
program, it’s possible to gain from a cost reduction for the first 6 weeks of your HybridCloud dedicated server including
PlanetHoster outsourcing.For more information, submit a ticket request to our pre-sales support additional DetailsWe’ll be happy to
provide tutorials on request in order to deepen the replies to certain frequently asked questions.