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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood: Update 4.56 is live!

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood update 4.56 has
become live. The awe-inspiring finish of this Stormblood epic is coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online with the release of Update
4.56. This conclusion introduces the new expansion, Shadowbringers, which will see players turn into the Warriors of Darkness and
depart for Norvrandt, at the first reflection. Stormblood Tribal Quests a new questline bringing together the barbarian tribes in
the most recent game expansion. Additionally, significant improvements are planned ahead of the July 2 release of Shadowbringers,
and will bring new possibilities and fresh content to all players. A collaboration with Final Fantasy XV, slated for April 16,
will see Noctis Lucis Caelum, the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, property on Hydaelyn. Gamers of ffxiv data centres Online who
finish the content of this cooperation will get several awards around the theme of Final Fantasy XV, including hair Noctis and his
ensemble, and the very first mount for four, the Regalia.


Additionally, Update 4.56 presents the World Tour System,
which will allow gamers to travel to any Planet in their datacenter to locate their friends and go on an adventure. This is also
to expansions to information centers in North America and Europe to accommodate the most ever-growing ffxiv data center split.
This update is scheduled for April 23, and also the growth of the European information center for April 2. Starting April 16,
European datacenter players will be able to move their character to a World in almost any datacenter free of to make certain they
can continue their travel Shadowbringers with their pals. This anniversary, that takes place today, is just another occasion to
celebrate the release of Update 5.3 with more than 20 million registered players. This upgrade also makes it easier for new
players to embark upon the adventure with the elongated free trial. The seasonal event of the celebration of the commemoration,
which will operate until September 14, will be an opportunity for players to generate a mini-series of new quests, addressing
J’bhen Tia to Ul’dah. His exhibition of fixed under glass elicits a pivotal moment in history, and he wants the assistance of a
motivated adventurer to make sure that all goes well! New rewards will be awarded to those who manage to help him, including
miniature Ardbert and paintings meant for home areas. All players level 15 and over, for example new adventurers researching
Eorzea using the newly enlarged free trial, can take part in the event and earn all of the rewards. The Ardbert miniature and
Fixed beneath glass awards for its commemoration feastAdditionally, the Yo-kai Watch Collaboration Event is now available before
the release of Update 5.4. Players may get up to seventeen new Yo-kai pets and seventeen new Yo-kai weapons, and those who manage
to collect all the available Yo-kai weapons and pets can earn around three mounts. Three Yo-kai mounts could be obtained during
case FINAL FANTASY XIV Online: Shadowbringers upgrade 5.3, branded Reflections in Crystal, was released on August 11 with a myriad
of improvements, such as the last act of the Shadowbringers epic, along with the sequel to this Alliance Raid motivated by NieR,
YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, created in collaboration with Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO. Using a total of 20 million registered players,
there’s never been a better time for newcomers to begin their trip into the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online saga.
The newly expanded free trial now contains all content in the A Realm Reborn and Heavensward expansions (and up to patch 3.56),
plus one extra working race (Ao Ra), and 3 other tasks (Dark Knight, astromancer and machinist). FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers
is the next expansion for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online and has obtained a phenomenal reception by critics and fans since its release
in July 2019. With various breathtaking new settings, the tasks of dancer and gunsbreaker, the playable races of Hrothgars and
Vieras, the adjuration system and more, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers offers new and seasoned players hundreds of hours of
content to research.