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In the following article we will see how to obtain a free domain in an extremely simple way. But before obtaining the domain they have to be aware of the following.


The points to have before using a free domain are the following:

With the method that you will see below, you will only have the following domains available ( .tk , .ml , .ga , .cf , .gq )

We will simply be representatives of the domain that we will use. The owner of the domain will be Freenom . Therefore, using a free domain is not recommended for personal or business projects that are important. Also keep in mind that at the time that Freenom pleases, we can withdraw the service.

The maximum time we can use the domain is 12 months . After 12 months we can renew the domain again.

Do not use a free domain if you need to be well positioned in the Google search engine . There are cyber criminals who use free domains to perpetrate scams. As a reaction, Google usually sanction / penalize free domains.

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The reputation of a free domain will never be the same as a paid domain . This affects both the SEO positioning and the credibility of a potential client who visits our website or service.

Using this type of domain is not suitable for an email server . Almost all emails that you send with a free domain will be classified as Spam.

Therefore, simply use this type of domains to access services that we have hosted in the cloud and that do not have a high importance. As an example we can use a free domain for the following purposes:

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Access services that we can set up in the cloud ourselves, such as Tiny Tiny RSS, Wallabag, a Nextcloud for personal use, etc.

Never use a free domain for a personal blog or for any website whose purpose is to make money or have a good SEO positioning


Once we are aware of the precautions we must take, we will create a Freenom account . Once the account is created, we will log in and the process to obtain our free domain will begin.

Initially we click on the Services Menu . When the menu is displayed, click on the Register option .

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Then we key in the name of the domain that we want to register and press the Check availability button .

Checking availability

Next we select the domain that we want to contract by clicking on the button Get it now! . In my case I will select the

Select the domain we want

Next we will click on the Finish purchase button .

finalize the free domain purchase

The next step will be to define the time we want to use the domain. The best we can do is select 12 months . Once the 12 months have elapsed, we must renew the domain.

Select the time we want to use the domain

Once the time is selected we have to click on the Use DNS button . Then in the IP Address fields we will enter the fixed IP of our server. Finally we will click on the Continue button .

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Note: The option Redirect this domain can be used to redirect the domain to another domain that we want, such as

As a last step we just have to accept the conditions of service and click on the button Complete Order

Accept the terms of service and accept the order

From now on we will have to wait a few minutes or hours for the DNS propagation to take place. Since we are using Freenom’s DNS, the propagation should take place in a matter of minutes. Therefore in a matter of minutes our domain will be pointing to our server.


Through the Freenom web interface we can manage our domain without any problem.