Have you ever heard that it’s the little details that make all the difference?

The same rule applies to fashion, and in the case of this post, the detail goes to the manga. Whoever has tested the flare sleeve or the wider sleeves of gypsy blouses ( see here ), will enjoy the stylish ties that the sleeves have won. They can come with bold necklines on the shoulders or just as a detail to make everything more feminine and delicate. Check out some super super models that we loved and wanted to show you:

The gown has an elegant look that goes well with any occasion. Double detail: tied sleeves and bare shoulders.

The tie and the tie on the cuff make all the difference in the classic shirt and add a romantic touch to the look.ideas gul ahmed

The thin cords are delicate and feminine. They look charming in any production.

The moorings combined with the dug shoulders are sensual and are on the rise. Sure bet!

Transparency + lace: lots of love! Try it with a body or lace tank top underneath. More feminine doesn’t work.

Abuse the trend and untie your sales!

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