How to organize and decorate your clothing store

Arrange the pieces by types (pants, skirts, blouses) and then organize each type by color.

This facilitates the choice and pleases any type of customer. And if there is space, don’t leave too many pieces. Putting only a few pieces of each model makes it much easier for the customer to see all the options. In addition to a much more comfortable look. A store cluttered with products suffocates and those who enter immediately feel like leaving.

Sectorize. If your store serves only one type of audience, for example, a women’s clothing store, arrange the pieces by models and occasion. Separate more basic pieces from those at night, for example. And create very visible sectors for other products such as jewelry and accessories. This goes for all audiences.

But if your store is for the whole family, think that there are three different stores:

women’s, men’s and children’s. Of course, a defined space for each audience will help a lot. And within that space, it is worth that organization of pieces that I mentioned.

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Create a setting
I talked about “store perfumes” a while ago. Perfumes applied in the environment, causing a pleasant sensation for those who enter. Nothing worse than a bad smell in any kind of trade, do you agree? Some famous brands create their own khaadi online perfume for customers to associate a certain aroma with the brand. This creates an unconscious olfactory memory. And smell is one of our most primitive senses.

You don’t have to create a personalized perfume, but it’s nice to always use the same scent. Pleasant, but not too intense. There are many flavorings on the market in spray or oil that are very affordable and delicious.

Sound is also great. But don’t even think about putting on a university hinterland or a funk.

Unless your audience is specifically listeners to some specific type of music. What I believe is not. After all, you want to serve a much broader audience than listeners to one type of music or another. Choose a “background music”, something that you hear, but that does not distract from the most important thing: the products.

Creating a waiting environment for husbands and children in women’s stores will let your customer shop without haste. A little corner, with an armchair, coffee table, papers and colored pencils will make everyone happy. Including yours!

Creating promotions and creative actions

I talked about it on our fan page and I’m going to rewrite it here.

Let’s start with the tips to create a CLEARANCE SALE: 1 – Don’t just lower prices. How about creating a combo: “buy a t-shirt and get a discount on your pants”; 2 – Offer progressive discounts: 20% on the first piece, 30% on the second successively until the maximum discount you define. So, you profit in quantity; 3 – Try to partner with mariab suppliers : the supplier gives you a percentage discount on your purchase and you add another percentage, offering a good discount to your customers. But all this liquidation is useless if you don’t disclose it. In the window, on social networks, sending messages, emails and even smoke signals! Just don’t forget to spread the word.

Another idea that I mentioned on the face was about ways to face the crisis.

We know that in times of crisis, everyone needs to spend less. Research has shown that at such times, people seek to lower their cost by reusing products. Thinking about it, I had an idea: why not include in your clothing store, a consultancy or even a partnership with seamstresses and offer customization of clothes for your customers? Or create a thrift store section? It is a way to continue with movement in the store, offering a lower cost alternative for your customers to renew their wardrobes! Thus, when the crisis passes, you will not have lost the link with your customers and will be able to maintain your sales normally.