rang rasiya


That the blazer is a right shot for the style we already know.

We also already know that he will be everything this season! Now let’s face it, it is not a piece so easy to use and combined with others.

Sometimes even though we want to wear the most beautiful blazer, we don’t know how or it always seems that something is missing, right? Therefore, we selected some inspirational images in which the blazer is the main piece, to ensure that the blazer is the elegant piece it is, in addition to being super fast and practical too!

Set is the first way to wear a blazer.

To change the classic look a little, choose to wear it with a sneaker and a t-shirt.

If you choose a longer blazer, be aware that it can be used as a mariab dress. And the belt is a great choice to give a look up (the packs also cover the modesty, ok?)!

This is the time to rob your friends / boyfriend / dad’s lockers. Oversized is anyone bigger than your size, so you need to think about the complete look so that the oversized blazer gets the attention it deserves!

Now is your time to decide your blazer, but know that the more you put your style in the look, the more beautiful it becomes!mariab

Here we leave some blazer to take a peek at what is on the sit

Zara is one of the favorite brands by fashionistas for the speed with which they renew their collections. She is also one of the most talked about for the same reason, being one of the most important fast-fashion.

When you buy Zara at Repassa, you give a new cycle to a piece that would be discarded, and thus, reduce the impact that the fashion industry causes because of the speed with which trends change.

We put together 5 complete ZARA looks for you who want to stay in fashion and even better: do it with a clear conscience!Come check out the looks,  khaadi onlinechoose your favorite or assemble yours and pan a lot!