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Fashion glossary: ​​learn more about contemporary style

Getting dressed is one of the most delicious tasks in life.

That’s because clothes are powerful tools of expression. With our fashion glossary, we want to help you better understand how to create combinations, among other topics. Therefore, our chapter today will talk about contemporary style in fashion.

Have you heard of universal styles? The contemporary is in the group of 7 categories that give name to a specific way of dressing. The other styles are: romantic , classic / traditional, sporty / natural (basic), modern, sensual and creative (which we will talk about here!).

But, of course, around here, we always raise the flag that personal style is more than fluid. Your looks can move smoothly through several of these without any worries. After all, every moment of our lives calls for a different dress code and that includes sports pieces in one, classic pieces in the other and even a mix of the two.

Returning to the contemporary or elegant / sophisticated style, he gathers clothes for those who do not give up sophistication and more elaborate khaadi sale shapes. Some pieces of the classic style can also star in the looks of that style.

So, contemporary and classic are the same? Nothing like that!

The main difference between the two is that, in the elegant, more formal clothes, like the shirt, gain bossa, colors, prints, different shapes and appear with a precise touch of styling. Removing clothes from the obvious is the mission of this style.

Contemporary look for work

Contemporary fashion style
Photos: Maria Filó and Mery Turiel
The office looks deserve a dose more contemporary and stripped. For this, you can play with the colors and even the details of the clothes, even if discreet. A pleat there, a button there, in the whole work they make all the difference.

The classic white shirt can leave its common place in the look if it is accompanied by a vibrant bottom, for example. The tip of balance is valid for any style.

In more formal work environments, this is a great alternative. To finish off frock design the look, add accessories that draw attention to you. Belts, more elaborate necklaces and earrings with larger stones can make all the difference.

But remember, don’t stick to the rules, the contemporary look can also take on casual flair and vice versa. So it is worth betting on a monochromatic look , ton sur ton and taking the colorful game to another level.

As we said above, the shirt is that piece that knows how nobody goes through seasons in the closet.

Just ask that, she is one of the stars of the contemporary look. It can be combined with a neutral and / or light colored bottom. Alert for beige, lilac and light green, shades that dominate the palette of the time.

But it is not only in sober colors and plain pieces that a shirt lives. Precisely because they are a wild card, they reinvent themselves with each cycle and show that they can also pass away from the smoothness and white of Coco Chanel.

A good silk shirt leaves your show, or rather, your look, even more elegant and with that sophisticated look that we love. The contemporary style does not live only in plain and sober clothes, the look also has space for beloved prints such as polka dots and stripes.

Classic and neutral colors

Photos: Maria Filó and Samyjo Valentine
Sobriety is one of the hallmarks of the contemporary style color palette. White, black, brown and beige are the colors that serve as a basis for the combination of elegant clothes. But of course, abusing neutral tones does not mean having a conservative look, far from it.

You may be wondering, but how do you get the classic verve out of the most basic colors? With updated shapes and yet elegant. Cutouts, proportions and necklines are responsible for the contemporary touch of your look.

Unique pieces such as overalls and dresses also have their days of contemporaneity. And in this case, the details again dictate the mood of the visual of the visual. The black can leave the field of the usual basics to become the basics full of elegance and perfect for an evening date.khaadi

Monochrome look

Photos: Reproduction and Maria Filó
Allow yourself to leave the field of classic and neutral tones a little. The modern doses of a contemporary look are also due to its color. It is worth remembering that there are no rules when it comes to dressing and that it is more than valid to move between more than one style.

A monochromatic look is the most practical and versatile option for those who want to bet on a single color. Therefore, focus on a key and play from head to toe. The color power highlights of the time are green, lilac and sandy, like beige.

In addition to exploring shades, it is time to invest fearlessly in clothes that call attention to their details. Pleats, necklines and in modeling. How about putting a pantacourt pants for game? The little sister in the pantaloons does not lose anything in the elegance for the firstborn.

The contemporary and elegant side of life is not just in fashion. When we talk about inspiration, references are in everything we see, hear and feel. Our current moodboard wants to add new items to your radar. From literature to makeup, through style icons.

You know that series you start watching and don’t stop?

Pleasure, How To Get Away With Murder . The production, in addition to a plot that involves courts and powerful women in the legal area, gives a show in the style item. Viola Davis’ character shows off her formal looks with a good contemporary dose. Marathon worth!

A light make-up but with a touch of color, this is the proposal for you to give your eyes a refresh. The colors that come out a little from the neutral palette of the looks can be a great alternative to leave the script.

Powerful woman in life and looks, we’re talking about Amal Clooney.

The Lebanese lawyer exudes elegance and sophistication with her contemporary looks that go hand in hand with the classic.

In reading, a novel that mixes elegance in life and fashion. So, Kathleen Tessaro’s book is a full plate for anyone who wants to read something light and with a fashion touch.

Another chapter of our fashion encyclopedia, this time the designer dresses pakistani  contemporary style was chosen. Mix elegance with modernity and classics with different shapes. This is the recipe for productions with fashion information and a cooler touch. So now it’s your turn! Assemble your new favorite looks.