The blazer is the most timeless and wildly feminine wardrobe piece, so we have separated tips on how to wear a blazer and create looks for all occasions. Keep reading and check it out!

The blazer was created as a piece of men’s clothing, but in the 1920s, it was adapted to our wardrobe by none other than Coco Chanel . Democratizing a piece that suits everyone ♥

This piece is so classic and versatile that it can be used on a daily basis, at work, at parties, dinners, meetings, etc … And with the most varied styles of pieces: jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses, skirts, etc … E you find the women’s blazer in a wide variety of models, colors, prints, textures and different cuts.mariab


The blazer brings a certain sophistication to the look and can cause a certain fear in everyday looks , but it goes super well with jeans, shorts and dresses creating a stripped look in the right measure.

We at Kitbox believe that every woman needs to have a black blazer, a white shirt and the right accessories in the wardrobe!

For day to day, combine the blazer with printed t-shirt that you get two options: with high heels you are modern and sophisticated, with sneakers or mariab sneakers your look remains casual but more serious. Check out some examples of a blazer look:

How to wear a blazer on a daily basis

It was during the 1970s that the blazer became an important symbol of the executives’ lifestyle , basically becoming a uniform for companies that demand a social and traditional dress code . So much so that the most common way to wear a blazer at work is with tailoring pants.

But even a look with a classic blazer does not have to be boring, you can, for example, use the blazer in a different color from the pants, use a printed blazer with plain pants, change the accessories and thus vary the office look a little.

How to wear a blazer to work
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The combination of jeans with blazer and high heels is also very good for work , preferably for dark wash pants and silk blouses for the office look to be informal yet elegant.

How to wear a blazer to work

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Blazer with shorts
We already talked a lot about the use of the blazer with rang rasiya jeans and social pants, I will give an example of the use with shorts . After all, with a blazer you can do anything!

The modeling of the shorts makes all the difference in the look with blazer , a denim shorts makes the look more stripped and perfect for weekend trips in mid-season. Social fabric shorts or sequins and sparkles are perfect for a night look or for a more relaxed office work look.

How to wear a blazer with shorts

Blazer with dress
A blazer with dress look is the perfect composition for mid-season and there are different ways to wear it.

One way is to leave the blazer for the late afternoon so when it gets cold, a basic black blazer is perfect for that.

Another way is by wearing the blazer over the dress and closing the two with a belt. Here you can work on the color composition in a creative way, bet on a big earring and rock!

And finally, leaving the blazer open over the dress. For this composition, I recommend a mix of necklaces to enhance the neck region and leave the look modern and elegant.