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Clothing manufacture: how to add value to the product?

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In addition to differentiating itself from the competition, – one of the advantages of adding value to what is offered -, it is essential to find ways to delight consumers, actors who directly influence the overall sales of clothing.

Today, to add value to the product or brand as a whole, knowing who the target audience is is no longer enough. It is necessary to know in depth what are the needs, desires, desires and concerns of consumers, in order to offer answers and solutions that go beyond what is sold by the company.

In this post, we have gathered several tips on how to add value to the product developed by clothing manufacturers. Check out!rang rasiya

How is your brand perceived?

Brand awareness involves everything that comes into contact with the consumer, from the design and colors of the product, to the company’s positioning on mariab values, such as sustainability and inclusion.

All perceived aspects are used by the public to evaluate the brand, even if unconsciously, building a positive or negative affective memory about it. When they identify with the values ​​preached by the company, the chances of becoming advocates and spreading the brand increase.

how to add value to the product

One way to build a good brand perception is to focus on the experiences offered to the consumer, as well as on the history and values ​​that the brand carries.
It is necessary to go far beyond the concepts of mission, vision and values ​​- which may not correspond to what the public needs – and consider the integration of all aspects relevant to the brand, such as good communication, product quality, fair price and a good rang rasiya relationship.

Values ​​sustainability
According to Google’s survey , conducted in 2018, consumers began to question themselves more about the effect of excesses and to worry about the consequences of excessive consumption. The search for the healthy and sustainable is also reflected in consumption habits and can be seen as a challenge when it comes to the textile industry.

how to add value to the product

Garments that invest in technologies and processes that cause reduced environmental impact, such as digitally printed fabrics – that do not use dyes based on heavy metals -, use less water than usual or promote the reuse of fabrics, should expose the practice to the public, adding value to the product offered.

The ethics stamps of the textile market, such as STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and Sou de Cotton are great ways to show the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Offer products that solve problems
Just as selling products that present solutions or improvements in the quality of life of consumers is important for the manufacture of clothing, it is also necessary to offer assistance, be it style consultancy, repairs and other services that add value to the product.

how to add value to the product

Beachwear garments, for example, must contain technologies that guarantee comfort, quick drying, elasticity, high breathability and resistance to chlorine.
Using technological fabrics , which provide several benefits to the nishat linen online consumer, can also strengthen the arguments for prices above the market average, since they are differentials that add value.

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Get ahead to offer better and first
Keeping up with trends in fashion, behavior and consumption in the market in which the company operates is essential to plan actions and make decisions.

Another way to predict possible aspects that influence the success of the business is to conduct research frequently, as they help in understanding the profile of the target audience, competitors and suppliers .

Only in this way, it will be possible to visualize how and when to position yourself strategically, offering, at the right time, the best products and services to consumers.

Do not forget to consider, also, everything that involves the presentation of the brand or product to the consumer. Pay full attention to the layout and design of the showcase, quality of packaging and bags, among other significant aspects for the shopping rang rasiya lawn experience.

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