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Should You Move Your Small Business E-Mail to the Cloud

Many companies are moving to cloud hosted e-mail because of the numerous benefits it offers, not least the price savings. Cloud computing enables us to remain connected even when we’re on the move and it is set to revolutionise how we do business.
If you’re conversant with Microsoft business email then you’ll recognise most things concerning the cloud hosted platform. It is one of the easiest methods to use and has been designed to look great on just about any device such as smart phones.
You can stay connected everywhere and on many devices from PC or Mac to your own tablet. Microsoft business email lets you sync and share calendars, get into your cloud hosted email, discuss files and files, and even host online meetings. It has practically everything a small business should operate in today’s hi-tech, fast paced world.
microsoft business email
The Advantages of cloud email
To start with, you can work from virtually everywhere. Keep in touch with the office while you are on the train with your iPhone or Android smartphone, pull the most recent statistics for your business client on a tablet computer or create and discuss appointments while at home in your computer. Automatic updates across a vast variety of devices provides the instant responses your business can thrive on.
* Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to cutting edge security against hackers with Microsoft business email Forefront Online Protection.
* You are able to create email addresses based on your domain .
* You are able to receive and send sizeable emails up to 25MB.
* It’s an environmentally friendly method to conduct business. Most firms are under pressure to lower their carbon footprint and using cloud hosted email goes a long way towards accomplishing this.
And lastly, there is the price. Cloud hosted email costs a fraction of getting standalone servers or software. It eliminates licensing fees and lots of additional charges such as the cost of storage.
The disadvantages of choosing cloud hosted email
While it includes many benefits, for small businesses particularly, there are a few concerns. Safety is top of the list as you are essentially giving your information to another party. Another is the prospect of becoming dependent on a single provider and what happens when there’s significant downtime.
The way to deal with these issues is to choose a reputable service provider who can provide all the advantages and maintain the negatives to a minimum.
Choosing a service provider
Using small company IT support with a good track record and tailors its service to your needs is half of the battle in finding and using a highly effective cloud hosted email platform. Some of the questions you should ask when looking for a provider are:
* Can the system be used on most devices?
* Does it have the connectivity that you want?
* Is it secure?
Microsoft business email has all the functionality that small and medium size businesses need and all delivered for an affordable monthly fee.
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