Looks work in light tones

The New Year’s mood continues until Carnival, right?

And here we celebrate the new collection , new winds and good paths. It seems to us the perfect time to renew habits and clarify ideas.

Therefore, we have prepared a special selection of light looks to use at work. To dive into a peaceful routine from the inside out and from the outside in.

After all, hot days call for light pieces and our bet for a more airy and fresh day to day is to bet on white and off-white.sapphire online

White work look

So, our tip is to invest in three indispensable key pieces: white pants , a white dress shirt and a white blouse to accompany you in more casual moments. Pieces that combine and fill the routine of luminosity and peace.

The best of tailoring is, without a doubt, the thousand possibilities it offers. It makes up not only an impeccable work look, but can also be accompanied by good old nishat jeans.

Not to mention, yet, that it can be used in a thousand ways. Tied at the waist, inside the pants, over it – for a more minimal-chic look – with folded sleeves, open on the outside, tied at the waist… phew!

Will you say there is a more versatile piece than this?

After all, there is no lack of good possible combinations with sapphire online  light colors, from hints of navy blue and red for a navy climate, to a total white look.

Not to mention the perfect white and black pair , the combination full of bossa with jeans, in addition to a thousand other shades.

White work look

In fact, here your mood is in charge, the path you want to follow. Let it be, of course, charming and full of light!