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The idea that it takes a huge amount of money to set up a business is a myth. The resale market is very profitable and we will show you how to open a business with 1000 reais in Moda Colmeia

Among the various niches that you can work as a reseller, the women’s fashion is one of the most profitable.

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money by reselling women’s clothing , read on! We will show you how to set up a business with a low investment, including what to buy to resell with 1000 reais.

Choose your supplier carefully
One of the main success factors for a reseller is the quality of the supplier. Customers are increasingly demanding and delivering excellent products is essential.nishat linen online

Check out some important criteria for choosing a supplier:

quality products;
competitive prices;
market reputation;
frequency of new products for you to always have news to show to your customers;
payment conditions
exchange policies and;
profit margin.
The Fashion Hive is more than 27 years in the market with stores for the North and Northeast of the country. That is, your customers will recognize the credibility and quality of the products you resell.

We produce quality clothes, combining the latest nishat linen online fashion trends with classic and timeless pieces. Thus, you will please women of all styles and biotypes.

Who sells something, sells it to someone, correct?

From that thought, we see the importance of knowing your customers and their needs. Talk to them and understand their lifestyle, their tastes, the average spending on clothes, in short, their preferences.

From this information, you will be able to think of more targeted strategies for your audience to improve service and choose the products that will most attract the attention of your customers.

In this way, within the youth fashion segment, you can serve both customers interested in clothing for leisure and work clothes.

In the beginning, spread the word about your business to family and friends. They can be your first customers and refer you to others.

Ask people you trust about your selling techniques, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field.

Keep an eye on your competitors

The resale market for women ‘s clothing is large and it takes a lot of work to earn your place in the sun.

Know the market in which you operate and know what they offer, the average price to help when pricing your products and avoid making the same mistakes as they do.

The goal is not to copy the strategies of other stores, but to know how you can differentiate yourself in the market and how to provide a better experience for your customers.

Enjoy holidays
The end of the year is the best time to sell, as we have Christmas and several celebrations where many people like to give clothes as gifts for family, friends and, of course, for yourself.

Use these special dates to increase your sales and customer base. And throughout the year, keep in touch – without being invasive – to retain them.

Have a digital presence
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The internet is part of our daily lives, we cannot deny it. A business that does not have a profile on social networks and / or a website loses the opportunity to be seen by customers, which no entrepreneur wants.

As a digital reseller of Moda Colmeia you can sell without leaving your home. With this business model, the reseller gains an exclusive page and receives a commission for each sale made. And the best: the order is sent directly by Moda Colmeia and you don’t have to worry about stock.

In addition to publicizing your official digital reseller page, having a profile on social networks is important to connect with your customers, understand what their needs are and create a closer relationship. That is the key for you to sell more and increase your profit.

Know what to buy to resell with 1000 reais

From a low investment it is possible to set up a business with 1000 reais . But before you start, it is important that you prepare yourself financially and don’t spend all that amount at once. Having working capital from the beginning of the business is essential to pay the bills on time and cover expenses.

To decide the products, focus on your customers and choose products that are more relevant to your target audience. For this reason, there is no closed formula on this matter.

At the beginning, invest your budget in different pieces and in different sizes to suit the largest number of people. In other words, invest more in variety within your women’s fashion business than in volume.

Over time, using profit from sales, you will be able to reinvest and expand your business by focusing on the parts that sold the most.

Which parts to buy to resell

The first purchase is always a test for you to better understand your audience and find out which parts will generate the most results. It is normal to be unsure of what to buy.

To help in decision making, keep an eye on the fashion trends of the moment, which is hot on television and social networks. Also, look for family and friends to do research on their style, what they would buy and what they would like to find in a women’s clothing store.

As we already said, in that first moment, invest in a variety of pieces and sizes to understand your market. Pieces in jeans, blouses, dresses, overalls and timeless sets are good options for you to start your resale.