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Tips from movies starring women

In moments of slowing down and looking more at yourself and others, there is nothing like taking time out of your day to be inspired by films featuring incredible women. Therefore, we have separated some tips for you to throw yourself on the nishat linen online sofa without guilt.

Cross stories

In the 1960s, in Mississippi, Skeeter is a girl from society who returns determined to become a writer. She begins to interview black women in the city, who left their lives to work on raising the children of the white elite, of which Skeeter herself is a part.

The hours
With a very powerful cast, the film portrays the story of three women linked to the book Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Wolf, in different periods and moments of rang rasiya life. One of the most striking details, besides Nicole Kidman’s performance, is the transformation of the actress to bring Virginia’s character to life.

The favorite

The film won the Oscar for Best Actress for Olivia Colmanse, and takes place in 18th century England, where two women are competing for a privileged position alongside the queen. The costumes of the time are highlighted in the beautiful look of the film.

Lovely Women
Directed by one of the most promising filmmakers of the moment, also actress Greta Gerwig, Adorable Women is the eighth film version of the classic book by Louisa M. Alcott. Supported by a cast of very talented new generation actresses, it is also worth paying attention to the costumes and looks of the characters.

Now it’s your turn, tell us which of these films you’ve seen and which others you indicate.

Let’s love to know!
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