What does host europe email hosting provide?


With our products, you can easily make your own personal email address in your private Internet address. Many professional
characteristics make communicating simpler for you. You handle an infinite number of domain names (Internet addresses). You can
choose from more than a hundred top-level domains (TLD), including the classic domain endings such as .de, .com, .eu, .at as well
as the many new generic TLDs like .koeln, .hamburg, .kaufen, and a lot more. Our business package also supplies you with
comprehensive groupware functions that you can also use on the go.

Our MailServer product line is available for professional communication beneath your own IP address. It is based on
high-performance virtual or dedicated servers which we deliver preconfigured. The operating process is administered by people. You
are able to start almost immediately and only need to set up your email account. Then create as many addresses as you want.

personal email hosting

An E-mail using groupware performance

Together with our email small business product, you are able to organize team communication more efficiently than ever before.
Since this groupware relies on the open-source software Open Xchange and provides small and midsize companies an affordable and
highly effective solution for many challenges in a digital self-indulgent: Share calendars, address books, and files with your
colleagues. You will never miss any important appointments and all contacts will always be accessible.

Via the Host Europe Webmailer with all the mobility options, you may call up incoming e-mails to your email account in addition to
appointments, addresses, and files from any computer with internet access and a browser.

Security attributes do personal email hosting offers

This means that each address which you have created under your account is securely protected from unwanted messages (spam). You
can use our customer information system (HIS) to adapt the filter properties separately anytime or to reset them into the
preconfigured filter configurations.

The premium virus protection from Kaspersky® provides you extended defense against viruses, spam, and other malware. Based upon the
product selected, up to 100 email accounts are outfitted with the elongated premium security as standard. Would you like to create
additional addresses and put up different new accounts for them? No issue, since you can optionally purchase premium virus
protection in Kaspersky® for these.

Want your domain and email hosting Solutions

If you would like to use our products professionally, then we advise that you put up individual addresses under your own
domain name. This way you communicate more personally and unmistakably.

Of course, you can also order extra domain names for your product at any time if required. For a small surcharge, you also have
the option of integrating an external domain.

How do I access my e-mail accounts on the go?

All you need is your Mobility Mailbox add-on. With the help of this add-on, you can not just manage e-mails, addresses, or
calendars comfortably on the go, but they can also be dispersed in real time between the numerous customers using push
synchronization. Assuming that you’re using an IMAP-IDLE capable email program.