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World becomes a real isolated multi-site + HybridCloud is Fostered


Individuals who’ve known us for several years know quite well that we always give 110% to give you the best of internet hosting.
We’re among the first to offer you free SSL certificates (thanks to our partnership Let’s Encrypt), to implement Internet traffic
optimization based on latency via Noction IRP, to safeguard you against DDoS attacks (Arbor) and much more. more.Today is a unique
moment. On behalf of the entire PlanetHoster team, We’re Pleased to announce 2 new features that will make many people happy:Globe
Gets Multi-Sites + Unlimited Sites + 100% isolatedHybridCloud sees a increase in resources and new features us back up these 2
points with more information1- World becomes Multi-Sites + Limitless Websites + 100% isolatedHistorically, we had several shared
type hosting programs: Mutualized, Resellers and E-Commerce.So back then, if we remember correctly, server technologies was in its
infancy. SCSI sort hard disks have been used there. The RAID controllers were rarely used or undependable, the power consumption
was astounding. . I’m not even speaking about the software facet (SSL / TLS encryption infrequently used like the use of telnet,
unreliable filesystems, kernel panic. .

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Today it is quite another thing. Everything grows more strong and miniaturized SSL /
TLS a part of our everyday life and the world wide web is quicker than ever. As a result of the several advances in technology as
well as to R&D at PH, we can offer you a unique notion of hosting. Instead of having one personal email hosting account and placing all of
your”eggs” at the same basket (server/accounts), why don’t you take advantage of an infrastructure of several hundred servers
situated in our accredited facilities (datacenter, etc..) in France and Canada? Why not take back control of your info and be free
to make unique + unlimited hosting accounts? That is what we’re offering you now. We’ve merged our World and Multi-World products
into one, known as the World, added a lot of resources, features and of course the value for money is almost unbeatable.
Gone are the days of having to purchase several hosting plans and having to keep them both openly and charging! Sometimes we want
to be able to create a hosting account for a short period, produce a staging environment, format the account etc.. And
frequently”new hosting strategy” is interchangeable with a new 1 year agreement and therefore extra costs.PlanetHoster supplies
you with a completely different concept: easier and more effective.We allocate you a Pool of resources (that has been
considerably”boosted”:-RRB-) and you choose how to disperse them.By way of example, the first configuration in euros TTC per month
is as follows (notice the way the resources are more important for less!) :16 GB RAMIn summary, with the initial configuration
over, in the event that you decided to disperse your pool of sources over as many reports as you can, you can create 8 independent
internet hosting accounts on two continents + accredited datacenter (France or Canada) + on entirely independent infrastructures +
and of course each hosting account can host as many websites as you would like! However, we recommend a domain name hosting
account for optimal isolation as well as notable performance. Everything is very simple and intuitive to manage from the
PlanetHoster customer place. Here is a preview of this interface:In the coming weeks, all existing World and Multi-World
accommodation is going to be on the new idea. Everything is going to be 100% clear and free of extra cost. We will group together
all of the resources of every shared hosting (World along with other old offers) by the client, increase the latter, and produce a
unique pool of resources per customer. This will allow you to create new hosting accounts, correct tools, and more. There’ll only be
one comprehensive shared hosting plan =”The World”.2- HybridCloud has noticed an increase in funds and new features we know very
well that the shared environment isn’t suitable for all scenarios. At times, you need a 100% dedicated surroundings with
administrator access (root) where we could customize everything based on our requirements (specific versions of applications, PCI
DSS, e-commerce, etc.) and of course with 24-hour outsourcing. 7 experienced PlanetHoster technicians.As well as the 100%
committed environment, we ensure that tools are always available to be consumed, whatever the day or time. PlanetHoster, thus
reserves the exact amount of resources for you only, unlike the common one where all of the tools are shared along with their
consumption is contingent upon the total load of the infrastructure (consequently not guaranteed).Reserving 100% dedicated
resources can be costly at times.We asked ourselves internally, what do we do to provide dedicated customers extra funds while
avoiding overloading them?A notion came to us Create a pool of funds which will be accessible to all dedicated clients. You may
consequently have your 100% committed resources + 2.5x of these accessible as required.The HybridCloud servers being 100% handled,
we’re able to discover any abnormalities (high loading, peak visitors etc.). During an alarm, your server will be
automatically”boosted” to a total of 48 hours (6 hour block so you are entitled to 8 complimentary boosts per month!) . For more
information: It is already active on all HybridCloud servers
since nowConclusionWorld ( domain and email hosting ) is the complete shared platform: Multi-Sites, 100% isolated, only account +
unlimited per site (unlimited domains per account also!) , France or Canada accredited datacenter of your choice, etc..HybridCloud
( Dedicated Server France ) is your dedicated platform: 100% dedicated environment, 100% committed tools + 2.5x available tools,
administrator access (root), 24/7 outsourcing, 1000 IPs accessible, installation of certain software versions, etc..PlanetHoster
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