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It is very likely that you have heard of pix, right?

This is the new payment method created by the Central Bank and which allows payments and transfers to be made in up to 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pix should revolutionize the way payments are made, not only for large bank transactions, but also for small purchases such as those made in a clothing store.

Do you want to understand, once and for all, what pix is ​​and how to use it in your clothing store? So just follow the reading in the following topics!

Meet pix: new payment method created by the Central Bank

In short, the pix can be set with an instant payment method. That is, as soon as someone transfers the money to another person or company, the amount will enter the registered account in just 10 seconds.

It will no longer be necessary to wait hours or days for the money to “fall” into the account, for example. That is why users and entrepreneurs are so excited about the novelty, as the way payments are received will be made easier.

With pix, you can make transfers in the following ways:

To carry out transactions by pix, it is necessary that the two parties involved, that is, who sends and who receives the money, have a checking account with a bank or fintech.

The address for this account is identified by means of an electronic address called the pix key. Therefore, you need to contact your bank and ask to rang rasiya lawn make this registration, since only with it the operations can be carried out.

With pix, payments are made via QR Codes, which can be static or dynamic.

Understand how each of them works!

Static QR Code
Static QR Codes are used for transactions of various types. They allow you to define a fixed value for a product or the momentary insertion by the payer.

It is an ideal service for small retailers, individuals and service providers. In your clothing store, for example, if a customer has spent R $ 200.00, you can create a QR Code with this amount and ask them to scan with their smartphone, in the internet banking application they use.

In such a way, the value leaves the customer’s rang rasiya lawn account and falls to the store’s account in just 10 seconds. Remember that the static QR Code is also used for online sales payments and you can even send it through applications, such as WhatsApp .

Dynamic QR Code
The dynamic QR Code, in turn, makes it possible to include more detailed information, such as the identification of the recipient. It is ideal for facilitating trade reconciliations and automations.

That is, the dynamic QR Code is ideal for more formal collections and payments,

such as when your store pays a supplier or service provider and wants to have it registered, for example.

Pix came to facilitate payments at your clothing store! Therefore, if you have not registered your keys yet, it is interesting that you do so quickly, as this easy payment can also be a draw for more customers.

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