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Modern love: romantic and current looks to use now

A good novel with modern touches.

It seems like the definition of another one of those films that we love so much. But no, we are talking about the romantic style that is present in the most contemporary looks. He gets a refresh more than deserved and shows that he has everything.

One of the hallmarks of romantic productions are ruffles, polka dot prints, florals, layers and embroidery. Trends that never lose their majesty. But the current novel gains a cooler signature and leaves the look beyond stripped.

The feminine details show that romanticism is nothing boring, on the contrary. The shapes have been updated and the clothes show that they can compose a perfect mix and match with pieces of other styles such as sports. So, no bad romance , it is worth exploring the combinations to the fullest.

How did the romantic style come about?

The Romantic Era flame emerged in the early 19th century. But like other great movements in history, it has not only marked the visual arts, literature and social practices. In fashion, the romantic style hit the feminine clothes of the time.

More traditional pieces such as dresses have become increasingly printed, with flowers and stripes, in addition to receiving more elaborate ruffles and volumes. In the unconscious of the period, there was the idea that women should dress like real maidens, like those who lived in fantasies and fairy tales. Colors like green, pink, lilac, all very clear, formed the palette.

The most passionate side was represented in the clothes by details that still mark the style today. In ball gowns and other events, embroidery, the softest  khaadi sale colors and said to be feminine, like pink, were always present in the most used looks.

Speaking of today, the romantic style is more updated than ever, but without losing the elegance of its main characteristics. The volumes of the famous formal dresses give an up in blouses and dresses. The color palette gives the feminine tone to pieces with layers and asymmetries.

Printed romantic look
Romantic style

The classic prints of romantic looks are floral and polka dot . This is because since the 19th century they were already among the feminine looks of the time and, as we said earlier, they were always present in the famous balls. But as we know well, even the classics are renewed and appear with a more modern air.

The combination of exquisite fabrics and polka dots guarantees a romantic production that is practically defect-proof. Fabrics such as silk and tulle have the power to make the mood more feminine and sophisticated right away.

To add a cooler dose to the production, combine with pieces that are of other styles. The romantic can form a perfect pair with the casual. For this, it is worth using a denim jacket or assembling an overlay with a white t-shirt, for example.

Puff sleeves

It’s time to play and increase the volume at the top of the productions. The puffed sleeves make their revival triumphant and appear in the stripped and bossa looks of the season. Balancing between romance and something more architectural, its main objective is to deconstruct the silhouette and play with the proportions.

In the unique pieces, the puff sleeve expands the possibilities of the dresses. They become a real card up their sleeve when setting up a production. When it comes to complementing the look, add accessories that bring a more fancy perfume . Do you know those jewel-looking pieces? Throw yourself into metallic necklaces and earrings.The atmosphere of romance is really in the air. The white and off-white blouses and shirts of the season flirt with boho and show that the romantic style is very well matched.

Clear and neutral, the white pieces are big jokers in the closet. The romance of the time is on account of embroidery , laise and inset that give a touch of femininity and refinement to the clothes. Undoubtedly, delicacy and versatility will not be lacking.

Because they are classic and go well with any other garment, white blouses can easily get out of your comfort zone. The romantic style can draw the sporty person to the show and star in a composition with jeans and sneakers.designer dresses pakistani

The key is to always experiment and bring more fashion information to the look of the day. Styling tricks are also very welcome. Therefore, knots on the bottom of the shirt, a charm with the collar and sleeves can finish off the production with style.

Following the thread of light tones, it is time for lilac to enter the scene. The scent of lavender is in the air and also in the most modern looks of the season. So, the time to add lilac to your palette is now.

When we talk about colors, we have a huge range of possibilities for combinations and ideas. That’s because there are no limits when it comes to coloring the look. If you are a fan of more uniform productions with the same color, think of monochromatic looks or ton sur ton with lilac. This is one of the most practical ways to wear colorful clothes, but still in an easier way.

But if your favorite verb is to experiment, you can mix the lilac in pieces with different textures and other colors. Green is one of the shades that sapphire online together with lilac form the colorful duo of the time. Therefore, it is worth giving a chance to green pants or another piece of shade.

Pink clothes
Romantic style
Photos: Maria Filó and Reproduction
The subtle and delicate air of pink clothes, especially the light ones, is another highlight of the romantic style. And we know that this is not today. The rose alone already brings with it a more feminine energy that owes a lot to the era of two centuries ago.

But if before the absolute realm of pink in romantic looks was almost an absolute truth, today he shows that he knows very well how to share the protagonist in the palette. Once again, green is the color that goes against the tone and makes the romance more modern than ever.

The ruffles and the wider sleeves give a contemporary designer dresses pakistani  style to the pink look. The most fluid shapes are the darlings of the time. But to combine pink with green , prints can come on the scene as well as plain clothes, a classic t-shirt can be the bet. There are no rules, what matters is that you wear what you like and feel even more confident.

Romance to wear and watch

Two things stay in our mind when we think in a romantic style: the looks and the movies and series. We already talked about fashion, now it’s time for a romance to watch. Cinema and TV know very well how to explore the most diverse types of romance and we love to follow.

There are those romances that make us cry, those that make us laugh and even those that make us reflect. So we made this selection very love is in the air with some productions for you to see or even review. But if you want to do a marathon of romantic comedies, we have a smart list . Prepare the popcorn and play!

Finally, let romance enter your daily looks. Adding ruffles, puffing sleeves, light colors and delicate prints is the key to a romantic look with a modern twist. Balancing and mixing styles makes dressing even more fun and interesting!