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Its advanced plan, suitable for tech-savvy folks and complicated websites, includes five domain names, 50,000 MB SSD, 20,000 MB mail space, 500 FTP accounts, 500 MySQL databases, and 500 cron jobs, 500 MB RAM plus a level width bands. Perfume hosting

The server firm has yet to completely set up a customer support portal. He’s got a rather in depth FAQ section, but his knowledge base is lean. What’s more, there are not any sites or movie tutorials to complement the technical support staff. Contents [ show ]

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This hosting service provider offers a free encrypt SSL certification. Clients who want more advanced certifications can opt to buy SSL certificates that have alpha SSL and SSL business.

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The vendor provides this business typical 99.9% uptime guarantee, together with a 30-day money back guarantee plus a 100% SLA to their clients. You might also go for its Exchange M and XL hosts offer, which hosts one for the initial 90 days at no cost. Additionally, the organization offers free setup and free site migration for each hosting plan.

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Cologne hosting appears to be exceptional to offering its clients in Germany and throughout Europe state-of-the-art hosting alternatives. Its unbelievable refund policy, such as a 100% SLA money back guarantee, a free trial and a network availability assurance, is a clear demonstration of its confidence in the high quality and trustworthiness of its providers. It’s thus surprising that webmasters, despite costly prices, still elect for this option.

99.9% network availability guarantee

Free installation

Data centre with climate-neutral hosting Features and ease of use

Listed below are a Few of the features available in the Cologne hosting packages:


30-day money back guarantee and 100% SLA Email hosting clients have access to a daily backup service for up to seven days. Cologne’s website for hosting is equally attractive, nicely detailed and organized. All particulars are situated on one page, which makes navigation easier even for inexperienced users.

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Perfume hosting

The vendor’s technical support team is professional and helpful, and repeaters understand the way round the hosting alternatives supplied. I sent them a support email and received a response in under one hour.

Domains, subdomains Cologne hosting doesn’t commit to continuous technical assistance but promises to respond to client questions whenever possible. The vendor has different ways you can contact their support staff: telephone, email, live chat and societal websites. Regrettably, it has no ticketing system.


Daily copies up to seven days to get hosting mails

The business provides web hosting solutions to private entities as well as for organizations. It has three shared hosting packages.

No ticketing system

Cologne hosting operates all of its servers from germany. It adheres to a stringent German data protection policy to procure and store customer data. This coverage gives customers complete control over their data in case the data is completely deleted from all servers and all of copies within 3 to seven days when it is deleted by the customer.

SSL certificate Still not sure if this is the perfect web hosting for you? Have a look at our Best Recommended Web Hosts to learn more.

Free site migration Cologne hosting really is a german internet supplier. The company specializes in providing various web hosting options, for example server solutions, internet hosting, SSL certificates, email and domain registration solutions. The seller’s servers function only in Germany under rigorous German security laws. In an effort to protect the environment, it implements a climate-neutral hosting plan to its information center. The website for the Cologne islands is currently only available in German.

Cron jobs Prices and assistance

Cologne hosting solutions are quite pricey, although this is given by a flexible billing policy; clients can create monthly payments. All rates are in euros and include 19% German VAT.